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  1. OBeerWANKenobi

    Radar R7 Save: 35.5 I/O Ambush Up the Wazoo

    Tooling along at PSL +15 when I get a blip of 35.5 so start covering the brake pedal. As soon as I start getting a stronger signal, it's anchors away and lucky that! If I would have waited any longer, it's possible I would have been on the side of the road trying to talk my way out of...
  2. OBeerWANKenobi

    R7 Set to "Quiet as a Mouse" on BSMs?

    I'm just curious if anyone is still having a lot of problems with BSM after setting up their R7's with K-Block and reducing sensitivity. The reason I'm curious is that I have been doing some testing for another member here with a similar car who was worried about the R7 falsing to our car's...
  3. OBeerWANKenobi

    Semi Important GovDeals Lot of 2 Raptor RP-1 Units Will Ship. Virginia Military Inistitute

    Just noticed these while stalking the GovDeals website today. Interesting in that they will ship (see Q and A section), which is a bit rare. I'd like to own one myself but am a bit tapped at the moment. They also have...
  4. OBeerWANKenobi

    Radar R7 Finds a Sly Piggy 35.5

    I had just gotten myself some new shoes for my SS and was on my way back through Arlington, a small town in Columbia County WI. This isn't my usual territory and as I was getting close to my turn, I caught a blip of 35.5 so I started to proceed carefully. The initial sniff is way off axis and...
  5. OBeerWANKenobi

    R Series Fight For My Windshield R1 vs R3 vs R7 34.7 35.5 and K Band

    So I've been getting really antsy to get some testing done and finally had some time yesterday. First let me get one disclaimer out of the way. This was a course of convienence as I was by myself and didn't have a lot of options, thus, it was a bit terrain limited in Direction 1 which is going...
  6. OBeerWANKenobi

    Radar R7 Points to the Real Slim Shady. C/O 35.5

    I just received my R7 today and I'm already putting it to good use! I was on my way home when a county sheriff pulls in behind me. Pretty soon the R7 starts tweeting about 35.5 but the arrow is pointing forward. About 1-1/4 miles up sits a snake in the grass and that grass was tall enough...
  7. OBeerWANKenobi

    Other Scanner Could Have Saved Her............ And Bonus 35.5

    ..............if she wouldn't have been so busy texting and driving. I hear a dispatch report about a reckless driver on a highway that I will be crossing later on my drive. I didn't think much of it at the time as people call other people in a LOT. About 10 minutes later as I approach the...
  8. OBeerWANKenobi

    Rear Fender Install of NMO Mount

    After having such good reception in my truck with the mag base mount and Larsen antenna, I have become spoiled and had to do something for my car. The hand held antenna just wasn't cutting it. I wanted to do a 90 degree fender style mount instead of drilling a 3/4" hole in my car but I didn't...
  9. OBeerWANKenobi

    GovDeals Ohio, West Carrollton, Lot of MPH Units.

    Anyone willing to pick them up and ship them? I think I'd bid if so.
  10. OBeerWANKenobi

    How To Fix VIOFO A119 Lens Vibration

    Explained with only one picture! In case the picture isn't enough....get a tag board backer from some junk you bought and slice a corner off of it. Shove the piece you just cut in between the lens and the socket. Done. No more vibration. ;)
  11. OBeerWANKenobi

    How To Fix a RadarMount (And Possibly Others) Clip So It Won't Ruin Your R1/R3

    I was working on rewiring my "Farm Truck" today and decided I should fire up the SS too and fix my RadarMount so it wouldn't screw up the clip on my R3 or R1 anymore. I figured that it couldn't be rocket surgery or anything so I got one of my genuine Uniden clips and compared them. I found...
  12. OBeerWANKenobi

    July 20th! MWTC Meet.

    UPDATE! Meet is now scheduled for July 20th. Meet will occur in the Wisconsin Dells Area. Confirmed attendees so far: Your's Truly @bkayrac @protias @DrHow @Tallyho @GTO_04 @darkpenguin @CobawLT2010 With Protias's arsenal and DarkPenguin's we should be pretty well equipped for radar guns...
  13. OBeerWANKenobi

    R7 "Heartbeat" Indicator Request

    From what I understand given the information that the beta testers have released, Uniden has axed the heartbeat indicator on the R7. @Brainstorm69 @hiddencam @Jag42 @Vortex @BestRadarDetectors maybe you guys can confirm. I'd like to request that something similar be added back into the R7...
  14. OBeerWANKenobi

    Lidar What Happened Here? Laser False/Scatter/Sneaky SOB?

    Points for being real: My R3, unlike some out there, has NEVER falsed on laser. Not once. There were like 4 or 5 Waze pins in the area. I did a run back through and confirmed WSP presence. Points against: ALP's never went off. This is probably the biggest point in favor of a false. I'd...
  15. OBeerWANKenobi

    Bug Report Testing possible URL problem... The hash bbcode was automatically put in when I tried to copy and paste the link above in for a specific post. It seems to want to recognize the anchor as a...
  16. OBeerWANKenobi

    Semi Important Is Someone From Here Bidding On These Genesis Units? I was bidding and don't want to get into a bidding war with a fellow member.
  17. OBeerWANKenobi

    Appreciation Package From Uniden Customer Care

    I think anyone who spends some time around RDF will begin to realize it's a special place. Not only do we get to interact with fellow like-minded individuals and enthusiasts but there are great companies and reps here too! Many of them regularly participate on the forum including Jon and the...
  18. OBeerWANKenobi

    Musings on BSM filtering

    I've been thinking about BSM filtering lately and how it and traffic sensor rejection are a double edged sword. Without enough filtering, our detectors become annoying and we either silence them or ignore them on K band but like the boy who cried wolf, when the real wolf hits us with K band, we...
  19. OBeerWANKenobi

    3D Printed Mount For Uniden BCD436hp

    After playing with a couple readily available options, I decided to design and print a mount for my scanner. I wanted something simple but also more sturdy than most of what I've seen. I whipped up this slide-in mount that I designed to latch into the screw counter bores on the back of the...
  20. OBeerWANKenobi

    My "Farm Truck" Gets ALPs

    My TMG equipped SS is put up for the winter and I started to feel pretty naked driving my truck around without LIDAR protection so I was keeping an eye out, possibly for another TMG system, when I saw @gapi 's posting in the classifieds for a brand new dual ALP with HiFi. I thought to myself it...

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