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  1. jfalkingham

    A friendly reminder

    NHSP does not play around in the summer and pays close attention to 95, 16 and 93 all summer long. This gentleman may not be aware of countermeasures like doing this at night [emoji23]...
  2. jfalkingham

    NH is going to be ticketing those left lane hogs!

    NH Troopers on Twitter No matter your opinion, NH doesn't joke around and I expect this to be enforced unlike what I've seen in MA. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. jfalkingham

    New to Uniden with R3 2 weeks in.....

    I'm coming from a 360 after reading all the reviews and test results I wanted to see how it lives up to the curvy, wood lined hills and roads. 1. I had to disable laser. Too many false, could be my Note 8 or sensors in front of car but it drove me crazy so I disabled. The 360 occasionally gave...
  4. jfalkingham

    WMWARE Fusion 7 - Windows 10 - Radenso updater

    Hey there, I'm using a mac, running vmware fusion 7 on a windows 10 image. I cannot for the life of me get the Radenso Pro SE to be recognized in the win VM. I've installed the drivers but whenever I connect it or try to run the updater, it is never recognized. Anyone else out here using this...
  5. jfalkingham

    New Escort Passport K band distance question

    Hello all, New poster long time lurker. I was driving a backroad on the way home today when my Passport setup in highway mode gave me an alert on K band. This was given off from a new permanent "your speed" sign that runs off solar power. The Passport only notified me when I was approximately...

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