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  1. winterbrew

    UK K band frequencies

    Does the EX Intl have a specific 'GATSO' setting ? The later Redline-O 2015 Intl / Pro-A's did have this in the menu, so I suspect the EX does 1566262173 Here we go ;
  2. winterbrew

    Uniden R3 US police detection in Nz

    The first step would be to check that you have Ka band enabled in the menu. Then check if you are on Ka wide or Ka narrow - both should be fine. If your detector is set for Ka segmentation, check that segments Ka 4, Ka 5 and Ka 6 are enabled (on) The cops don't always transmit full time...
  3. winterbrew

    Uniden R3 US police detection in Nz

    Yes, the patrol cop cars use Ka band 34.7 GHz Stalkers, the Stalker units are supplied from USA The nz database is just for fixed Redflex cams etc
  4. winterbrew

    Uniden US GPS updates. New resource for forum members...

    The AA Road Atlas of the UK has all the static cams marked with speed limits ; No GPS coords info, but should be pretty upto date in the 2019 version :) Last Xmas I did in the UK was 2007, and was...
  5. winterbrew

    Pro M US18??

    Thanks Randy for the clarification.
  6. winterbrew

    Pro M US18??

    Updated my AU bought Pro M and says US 18 as well. Firmware file name using web proxy ; RadensoProME_App(RevM18).rom
  7. winterbrew

    New Setting for Poliscan Users

    Great - has been on the down under wish list for ages :) 1565312489 Will be interesting to find out more details on the TX sensor tweak for poliscan, as early detection of rear poliscans is the key (used to run 3 x regular sensors on the rear), and the max reception angle of the receive diodes...
  8. winterbrew

    NZ Chat thread - Post anything related to CM

    Nice work - my DFR7 US for USD 129 from BuyDig is looking good :) I'll have to test it against my Raptor RP-1, 8 mW, linear polarisation, K band to see how it compares to the R3 & R7. Will put it up against the MRCT as well.
  9. winterbrew

    Heywood's July 29 2019 MRCD Testing

    Thanks for testing - as I posted in Real World Int, the MRCT detection is up there with R3 1.46 now on 1.50, and much better than 1.48. The R7 is a bit more intermittent, probably better than 1.48, but not better than 1.46 by comparison. As mentioned, with MRCT, all three K band channels sit...
  10. winterbrew

    ALPriority N Radar - is this DSP?

    Same as dontgetcaught (DGC) :)
  11. winterbrew

    GPS Database and Regional Firmware differences

    They get to make the call on whether features such as ULID are available, as they are the regional distributors. Also on their website ; At the end of the day, Australia uses mainly US lidar guns anyway, with a handful of European photo lidar cams thrown in for good measure. DragonEye...
  12. winterbrew

    GPS Database and Regional Firmware differences

    Take a look at my reply here ; Hope that helps :)
  13. winterbrew

    RedLine EX International (INTL)

    Proper Intl version S/N starting 96... S/N 84... recommended by Escort for USA, AU & NZ ;
  14. winterbrew

    ALPriority N Radar - is this DSP?

    Ask them what the FCC ID is as per the posts above. It should end in -DSP
  15. winterbrew

    NZ Chat thread - Post anything related to CM

    Could you please pm me the standalone AU db file, and I'll try to re-apply it to my US R3 with 1.50 Thanks
  16. winterbrew

    R1/R3 v1.50 Firmware Released

    Looks like they have also improved/fixed MRCD/CT detection over 1.48. Against MRCT, I got the first initial whiff at distance as K band 24.119, but it immediately switched to a constant MRCD alert after this, and detection distance was good. Perhaps not as good as 1.46 vs MRCT, but very close...
  17. winterbrew

    Iran / War?

    A sad state of affairs as an ex-Brit ; Source ; 1563882708 No, two is it now - not sure if the F-35's they bought for them are ready yet. Been flying Apache's from them until they come, or the carriers are ready for them
  18. winterbrew

    Uniden R7 NZ
  19. winterbrew

    Reverse Voice Packs for ALP users running Multiple CPU's

    Yes, using a jailbroken iPhone and ifunbox, you could swap the file names of the 'ahead' and 'behind' mp3's within the app. I haven't done it for a while (prefer using hifi), and ALPConnect stopped supporting iOS 7, and I upgraded to iOS 9 on my iPhone 4S, did the jailbreak, then found the iOS...
  20. winterbrew

    DFR7 - NZ vs USA Firmware Differences?

    Sure does ;

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