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  1. turbofish

    Ticket prompts purchase of Uniden R7

    At least it didn't take you as long as me. I've been stopped 60 times before coming here!
  2. turbofish

    Now with heat maps!

    The big problem with that is generating the maps which tends to bog down using the power BI maps that I've found. Something that I need to do some more research on ways of making the data fly without the need for sql scripts!
  3. turbofish

    Now with heat maps!

    specific events, namely police spotted. I have noticed that it does take a minute or so for the web version to load and some locations like Dallas, I will have to decrease the radius since it will return 250K of rows which will really slow down the map. It takes me just under 2 minutes to run...
  4. turbofish

    Now with heat maps!

    I finally found a Power BI map that will allow me to share with the rest of the world. Here is a static image that you can see all of the reported wa-e events that are located within 75 miles of my zip code over the course of the past 3 months: And if you want to play with this map, click here...
  5. turbofish

    There is a special room in hell for job recruiters who spam you with phone calls and e-mails about unrelated jobs or locations!

    You must have been listening in to us trying to get in touch with some of the people!
  6. turbofish

    There is a special room in hell for job recruiters who spam you with phone calls and e-mails about unrelated jobs or locations!

    Been there. Even though I haven't applied for a job in many years, I still get request all of the time for all over the US. My company is looking for someone to work with us in the BI world and wow, the only people who have applied are from all over the US, all on H1B visas. Only one finished...
  7. turbofish

    How's your summer weather.

    What perfect timing. My company is hiring a new BI programmer and they had me make up a little test to see if the applicant knows SQL. You would be amazed how many people who claimed exert level SQL skills couldn't even spell SQL. In one of my little test, I created a small subset of my big...
  8. turbofish

    Computer Stuff - WIN 10 Sandbox Feature

    Always been a big fan of Hyper-V. Used it when I was teaching - that way my students when [not if] they messed up it wasn't a big deal. Just restore the image. Back then I would set up a couple of virtual machines, a DC and other server that would be used for SharePoint or SQL installs. Also...
  9. turbofish

    Computer Stuff - WIN 10 Sandbox Feature

    Funny thing is I was just shopping for some new SSD 2 TB hard drives; one for my laptop [has a 512 SSD and a 1 TB 7200 spindle] and one for my desktop which already has 6 hard drives. I was going to use them for speedier disk I/O for my databases and set up some new Hyper-V clients but this also...
  10. turbofish

    C8 Corvette details released.

    I cried a little bit. There are some things that we can get emotional about.
  11. turbofish

    Watching TV without Satellite or cable.

    We are in the process of switching over to YouTube TV from DirectTV. Wifey wants to make sure that she finishes up everything on the DVR first and the DVR only contains things that she has recorded. You would be amazed how many singing/dancing shows and soap opera type drama shows it can hold -...
  12. turbofish

    2019 El Paso Walmart Mass Shooting

    I have a bit of a personal side to this story. My wife's ex-laws* were in the Walmart when all of this happened. They went down there to help feed the kids and stopped by Walmart before heading home. They finally flew home yesterday and told my wife some of what happened. On the way into the...
  13. turbofish


    waze from a 'source'
  14. turbofish


    Now here is something kind of cool to play around with the waze data. PowerBI I made a Power BI map of all of the data points over a 6 day range with a 400 mile range of my location. You can scroll in and filter according to date. I have another one that allows you to play a movie based on time...
  15. turbofish

    Upgraded my ride. 2019 Subaru WRX

    She drives a newer version of the Forester but thinks that the older one looks too closely to a station wagon. She also isn't a scoop person. But she drives fast so I'll take her faults in opinion of what makes a good car.
  16. turbofish

    A pair of cement trucks or SUVs and a Mustang?

    I have shortcuts to get around I-49! But for those times when I can't take them, I'm doomed. It turns into a parking lot Yep, Bella Vista is hell and that is really a shame. As soon as you get off the highway, there are some wonderful twisty hilly roads where I always get stuck behind someone...
  17. turbofish

    Upgraded my ride. 2019 Subaru WRX

    I really like those cars but usually when I point one out to my wife, she can't see them. She thinks that all cars with four doors are boring, no matter how exciting the car could be to drive. I also point out cool station wagons to her but her reaction is to usually gag. She doesn't understand.
  18. turbofish

    A pair of cement trucks or SUVs and a Mustang?

    It's a game that we all play, pick the fastest lane. All my wife and I have to do is to text each other two vehicles and the punchline is always the unexpected. In this case, the obvious answer would be the pair of cement trucks were the fastest compared to the SUVs and Mustang. I picked wrong...
  19. turbofish

    Lock your doors when fueling?

    It also depends on where you live. For example, I just game back from filling up my car during lunch and not only did I not lock my doors, I left the top down and my phone in the phone holder as well as all of my other electronic devices up. But crime is low where I live. The only time I lock my...
  20. turbofish

    OK, have to ask....... Jinjer

    I always thought that HellYeah was too soft. Kind of like Chad Gray [lead singer for Hellyeah and Mudvayne] after court mandated anger management classes. Usually when I'm just messing around driving back and forth to work, I will either listen to talk radio/news or crank up the hard stuff but...

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