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    This is how it starts

    We did a trial drive over the Whangamoas to Havelock on Sunday. My wife hasn't driven on the open road for 20 years and is a bit nervous about the drive from here to Tauranga in a months time. The Whangamoas are tight twisty bit of road in several places, so it's a good test. We even left early...
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    Electric anyone?

    Nutty Julie, that's Julianne Genter, wants to subsidise electric cars by putting a gas guzzler surcharge on larger petrol vehicles. Luckily, my Cupra has pretty good consumption test figures, even though you'd never see them in real life. But the Double cab and SUV buyers will be a bit miffed. I...
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    Strange falses

    From time to time I get a 34.563 false. There's never a cop around and it's a weak signal, never over 3 bars. A couple of days ago I watched the arrows closely and they switched as a white Jap ute approached and then passed behind me. It's highly unlikely it was a cop. Any ideas?
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    Driving might get even more unenjoyable

    It looks like the Greens want to de-incentivise private travel even more. NZTA has proposed 60 to 80 km/h limits on 90% of our State Highways. 30 in urban areas. This is based at looking at a map. NZTA need a map to find their arses. Ms Genter was on National programme this morning, she was...
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    Wouldn't you just know it.

    Nelson Council just dropped a 70km/h stretch to 50. Apparently to fix a problem that isn't there. But lower speeds fix everything - right? Now the locals, who always did 55-60 in the 70 zone are doing 40 - 45. And the cops, who were never around to deal with the a**eholes who'd accelerate when...
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    Speed cam operators

    Anyone see the report that the cops want to bail from speed cam operations? They want to hand it over to NZTA, which will be a cluster f... of biblical proportions. But should give plenty of opportunity to defend tickets. Maybe the cops haven't been getting a big enough slice of the consolidated...
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    Very happy chappy

    We did another Auckland - Tauranga run last weekend, SEAT NZ gave me an Ateca for the trip which was nice. I'm so sick of Corolla etc rentals. This was the 190PS FR version, it's certainly no slug. I also got to drive the new Cupra Ateca to the airport. All 300 PS of it. Don't think of taking...
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    First CSA's and Speedcam alert

    OK, I know that sounds strange but I live in a region with neither. But it was great to see how well both work. Especially the cam alert, I'm used to cam alerts on my old Satnav which was OK, but not a patch on JBV1 and it's tracking ability. I imagine speedcam alerts in other detectors wouldn't...
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    Our roads

    It was good to see TV1 laying into NZTA over the state of our roads after that multiple fatal at Atiamuri. They had various people talking about how dangerous it is, and truckies talking about how bad our roads have become in recent years. Probably coincidence, but a couple of days before I'd...
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    Why accurate ramp up and arrows matter.

    This popped up on my Youtub feed . Chummy, who's vid it is, was lined up to be pinged if it wasn't for a rabbit. One long range chirp then nothing, and he decides the cop has gone because he has no situational awareness. He also called it I/O, but that last alert was not like any I/O burst I've...
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    GM Mute

    First hit with GM BSM yesterday. Brilliant, not a peep from V1/JBV1, I only noticed it because the alert was coming and going on the alert screen and had GM on it.
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    Marks (again)

    I'm trying to import my new Speed cam database, The new database is in the johnboy file along with the old one, but when I try to load it to marks I can't see it. Only the first one.
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    JBV1 Start up

    I thought I'd post this for those who think running an app is such a chore. shut down is even quicker.
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    Camera marks

    I've just received a more accurate list of camera sites, what's the correct way to delete my old .csv database and add the new one?
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    Damn BSM's

    I took my wife to work in her car today, it has all the BSM, Cross traffic nannies which my car doesn't. So I started it and instantly got several K alerts in the 24.2xx range which I thought was very strange, I hadn't seen that before. On the way I was getting several 24.05x alerts too. Then it...
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    Camera database

    Does anyone have a current camera database in .csv for NZ? I don't really need RLC's but will take it if included. POI factory has one but it's 7 years old.
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    Strange Ka falses

    Going down to Tauranga last Wed, I had three falses some time apart at 34.864. Two seemed to be coming from late model trucks. The arrows changed as the trucks approached ahead and passed us. The third I couldn't confirm. I have noticed this before. Any ideas?
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    Nearly got pinged today.

    I went out on the bike and where I go there aren't many cops so the V1 stayed quiet. Near home I gave it a little squirt up a long straight road and towards the end noticed the alert screen showing a strong Ka alert. No audio. Luckily he was just around the corner, so couldn't see me. but if he...
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    Non Muted K alert (false)

    This has me puzzled. There is a spot on my morning route to work where I get multiple K falses, all but one are muted by quiet ride. That one is 24.068. Why would this be?
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    Alert distance

    A thought occurred to me yesterday, is there any way to delay the disappearance of the distance read out on a Ka alert. Often we get a single beep, the alert and distance reading then disappear, then another beep or constant alert begins and the distance starts recording again. Say, 5 or 10...

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