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  1. francky06l

    YaV1 future

    Hi All, I have received a lot of request lately to handle the V1 LE in YaV1. The technical challenge is to integrate the LE into the VR library (Opposite to IOS, the Android VR Library is available with the source code), however it's quite a big task since the communication is completely...
  2. francky06l

    Been away one month or so .. no new about V2 or V1+++

    Hi guys, I have been away for a while, extremely busy with work and other private life stuff. Everything in the title, what about the rumors (if any) around new V1 ? Cheers F.
  3. francky06l

    2.0.3 published - lockout muting fixed

    Hi All, I eventually found the problem that some of you were having with the lockouts not being muted. This release corrects the problem. Nothing is required on your side, just get the update and your lockouts will mute. Fortunatly, the "bug" did not affect the recording of lockout/white, just...
  4. francky06l

    2.0.2 Published

    The 2.0.2 has been published for everyone on G Play. Sorry for the long time in beta, I was quite busy with other stuff but eventually it's there. Thanks to the testers, special thanks to Vortex for his excellent video and WS for his huge work on the manual again !! It's a common work, thanks...
  5. francky06l

    2.0.2 in beta

    Hi Guys, First of all Happy new year to all of you !! The 2.0.2 is now published for beta tester on G Play, sorry for the delay but I was a very busy end of year. The changes: The setting for padding the alert row is removed (since we do not need to click on a single alert anymore). Few...
  6. francky06l

    Merry Xmas

    Everything in the title !! I'll be away until the 30th of December. I am sorry the release will not be ready before Xmas but I hope before new Year. Merry Xmas to all of you and RDF !! F.
  7. francky06l

    2.0.1 public release

    Hi All, The version 2.0.1 has been release on G Play for everyone. Many changes, the main one being the auto-lockout that have been revamped. The app does not used anymore the front/rear signal in the alert recognition, too unstable due to weather conditions, reflexion etc.. The changes...
  8. francky06l

    Tech Support Keep the same attachement id

    Hello, Not sure that is possible, hence the question. I am setting a link in the YaV1 application in order users to download the PDF documentation. However, when the documentation is updated, Windstring is uploading it and that generates a new attachment id. Is there a way to update an...
  9. francky06l

    YaV1 Beta 2.0.1 Testing discussions Only Thread

    Hello Gents, After reading the problems and difficulties some of you are having with auto lockout, I spent long time to analyze / test and made major changes that definitely makes it better (at least for me, but you will tell). First of all, a summary of the goals and problematic - filter...
  10. francky06l

    YaV1 2.0.0 published

    Hello All, The version 2.0.0 has just been published on G Play for everyone. If you have Android >= 3.2 the update should happen automatically within a day. The major changes are the auto lockout (or whatever new name will be). The best place to find out about the details and the bolts / nuts...
  11. francky06l

    1.1.3 published

    Hi all, YaV1 1.1.3 is published for all on G Play. Thanks to Alan (Windstring) for the updated documentation, to the testers for reporting small issue, for Youthan, HC, Vortex for the work on the K-POP in Euro mode !! Major changes: Logged alert on Google Map Lockout safer and faster Dark...
  12. francky06l

    YaV1 1.1.3 coming soon

    Hi All, The version 1.1.3 will published soon. If everything goes well, it will be release for beta testers tomorrow, and by end of the week end for everyone. Windstring has been working hard on the documentation, to have it in sync with the release, many thanks to him. There are more details...
  13. francky06l

    YaV1, lockout news and your input greatly appreciated

    Hi All, I have been thinking of lockouts quite a lot recently, I wish to share some news and also gather your opinion. For the coming 1.1.3, as Vortex pointed out in his video here, there is a danger on locking out (there will ALWAYS be anyway) in the current process. By reducing the drift...
  14. francky06l

    YaV1 1.1.2a for beta tester is available

    Hello all, As title says, I have published 1.1.2a for beta tester. Changes: User requests: having the current V1 setting name display. The solution is in Display settings you can set a time for popping up the current V1 settings, as a reminder, the pop up is in form of a "Toast message" for...
  15. francky06l

    YaV1 1.1.2 and Data Collection

    Hi All, The version 1.1.2 will be released soon (this week end). There are few changes, some not visible to users, and the main addition is the data collection for AI. I detail here the goal of data collection, the other changes would be part of another post. AI (for Artificial Intelligence)...
  16. francky06l

    YaV1 1.1.0

    The version 1.1.0 has been published on G Play. Changes are: hardwired savvy, when Gps is not available, speed would be picked up from the Savvy. You would see it, the gps icon would be "red", the speed display and the Direction would be "Savvy". To enable the muting using the Savvy speed...
  17. francky06l

    YaV1 upcoming new features and wish list

    Auto learn .. I will post about it soon. Lockout via overlay ... is another story .. Good news is that we can make something .. !!! Cheers F.
  18. francky06l

    YaV1, outstanding issues

    I open this thread to keep track of the issues on the app. You can post here, I will edit this first post with new issues and update when fixed. When posting an issue, write the app version number, the device model, android version and if ever you use a Custom Rom. Thanks all.
  19. francky06l

    Yav1, what is next ?

    1.0.7 is about to be live ... then what to add ? I have few main ideas that I want to share with you: Include google maps in order to view your lockouts, logged alerts. I have started to work on this, and the idea would be to visualize both on google map on your device. For logged alert, an...
  20. francky06l

    YaV1 on google play Hi all, here is the link version 1.06 is on the oven ... Enjoy !!! the dropdox link will be removed (tomorrow) as it's better to stick on official .. Thanks all for your help, this forum is stated for help, so guys .. hope you...

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