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    RCMP Sherwood Park - I/O K-Band ??? Or cop lying?

    Was coming back from golf last month and was supposedly tagged doing 114 on the range roads (where speed limit is 80). I find it hard to believe, as you can see in the video, I crest the hill and he barely has visual on me before passing by. No k-band detected until he pulls a 3-point turn and...
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    EDM, AB - You Think I Got One? (VID+POLL)

    So a week and bit ago I was late driving to school and was frantically organizing my bag at a light just prior to passing one of our beloved photo radar operators. As you can see from the video, its super sunny and am getting reflections off vehicles parked on the street and the parking lot to...
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    CB / Scanner in Alberta

    So I've searched over the forum and haven't found anything updated on radio use in Alberta, specifically Edmonton, highway 2 and Calgary, and was hoping there would be some users out there that can chime in. I understand that Alberta is well into developing their province-wide radio system for...
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    Edmonton Area - ALP Testing + RCMP Jam on Henday - MRCD Encounters

    Edmonton Area - ALP Testing w/Bushnell + RCMP Jam Henday + Redline INTL MRCD Action Just wanted to contribute back to the community that got me so into the hobby. Currently am running an ALP triple head setup in the front with HiFi, LRD950, Redline International, and of course waze. With no...
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    ALP Mounting Location - 2011 Corolla

    Thanks everyone for being a great resource for us rookies and providing the best advice on CMs. I currently run a Redline 2/5/6/8 RDR off TSR on and an LRD950. Both are hardwired into the vehicle hooked into a switch that allows me to run either one at a time, depending on if I'm traveling on...

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