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    K boxes, band+frequency announcements

    So, I did have my setup such that: K Band Boxes: Box 1: 24.070-24.195, not announced Announcement Type: Band (default) Announce Box - Instead of band/frequency (default) Announce ITB off Announce OTB on And this was pretty good, as I would hear: K-band 24.096 Ahead (for 24.096) or K-band...
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    Android Pie update slow voice (GS9)

    Just updated to Android Pie v9 yesterday and now JBV1 voice sounds drunk. It's probably 30-50% slower than before and annoying. If you're on the fence about upgrading to Pie, I would say hold off a little bit. This is on my Galaxy S9.
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    Careful with lockout settings

    Just wanted to post my experience so others may learn. On my daily commute, I encountered a LEO in a section that has a few lockouts. One of the initial hits was in a lockout section auto-created on a side road. Because I have a strong false on my commute, I had adjusted my punch-through...
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    Tap overlay no longer returns JBV1 to foreground

    I'm using v1.4.1 and I don't know when it started happening, but my single tap on the overlay no longer returns JBV1 to the foreground. Has this happened for anyone else? I routinely use Ways in the background and am going through recently installed apps to see if there is interference.
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    JBV1 Enhancement Request: Audio Stream Volume Reduction during Announcements

    First off, big thanks to JB for the app. Totally love it. I did a search and didn't find any previous discussion, but I wonder if it is possible to make JBV1 decrease the audio stream volume (like Waze does) during announcements. Sometimes, I find it hard to hear the JBV1 announcements when...
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    My Intro

    I got my driver's license at 15 years old back in 1993. My first experience with a radar detector was a huge hunk of metal that I think was a Fuzzbuster Elite. I remember it had chrome accents and slid across the dash every time my dad would take a curve a little fast. When I went to college...

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