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  1. davidc502

    MPH on Tuning Forks????

    There is a Kustom Signals unit for sale on Ebay. I noticed the 2 tuning forks have 30MPH and 55MPH. I assume the different sized forks tune to a different frequency within Ka? But why 30MPH and 55MPH?
  2. davidc502

    Sound Boarding: Compare K band filtering

    I have a half baked idea on how to come up with K band filtering comparisons of 2 or more detectors, but need some input. We should be able to come up with good k band filtering number, from detector to detector, based on averages. Over 30 days of driving, I log a specific route of highway and...
  3. davidc502

    Darker than Vantablack

    This is much darker than Vantablack. LOL -- Duped? lol
  4. davidc502

    Pro M review -- Absolutely the best K band filtering!

    As some of you know, I have owned the RPSE for about a year and a half. Through that time, it has saved me on numerous occasions. It's safe to say the RPSE has paid for itself many times over. Over-all I have been very satisfied with RPSE's range/sensitivity, lockouts and some other features...
  5. davidc502

    A Vortex produced Video -- noPhoto FAQ's with the President of noPhoto at SEMA 2017

    Just in case you missed it or haven't seen it yet... "noPhoto FAQ's with the President of noPhoto at SEMA 2017" Thank's to Vortex for bringing this to everyone.
  6. davidc502

    Radenso website redirect to

    It's been a few weeks since I've been over at the radenso site, and today decided to go over to see if a new firmware update was published or not... Now when going to I am re-drected to, and the site looks a bit different as well. One question I have is...
  7. davidc502

    Dukes -- 2 Radenso Pro M-Edition tests with Beta Firmware

    I'm surprised no one has posted references to these two tests that Duke's did recently (Maybe they did and I just missed it?). These 2 tests do not encapsulate, finalize or give an absolute picture of performance, but WOW, it's off to a great start...
  8. davidc502

    New setup working well

    Used to do a lot of HWY driving, which TSR was always set High, but now that the route is mostly back roads going into a small towns, TSR is now set to off, and 35mph is set for a k band alert, and set to Highway (No k band filtering). So far this set up has worked really well. (Side note: K...
  9. davidc502

    Big Bend, and not a lot of warning

    Here's a situation where there's a big bend in the road, and where the LEO is situated on the right hand side of the road, you don't get a lot of warning time. bd3h2d
  10. davidc502

    Is an effective CAS filter an obtainable goal for the Radenso Pro SE?

    Just curious if it's a obtainable goal for the Radenso Pro SE to filter out Semi Tractor Trailer collision avoidance systems including adaptive cruise control? Is there a unique signature from this type of K band emissions that the Radenso could identify and not alert on? Currently it does a...
  11. davidc502

    New light absorbing material - Will be sold in a can.

    This new material can absorb 99.9% of light including lidar. I'm sure people would pay a lot for a can of this product.
  12. davidc502

    Radenso Pro SE TSR set to low

    Here we have a Speed Sign, and not as much as a peep from the RPSE. For the past two weeks I've been driving past this sign, and thought to go ahead and make a short video of it. I also have a video of the same sign with the RPSE TSR set to OFF if anyone wants to see it. Highway mode and TSR...
  13. davidc502

    sneaky sneaky LEO almost nabbed me..

    Was on 40E, and didn't have a rabbit, so was going it alone. I was maintaining 80-85mph, and was using Waze with RPSE (HWY mode), so I felt fairly confident... Was keeping eyes peeled for on-coming traffic, and was sticking in the right hand lane as much as possible. Well, I started heading up a...
  14. davidc502

    LEO turns off C/O when I get close

    Around my area LEO's mainly run constant on. However, there have been 3 times when they shut it off, and that has happened when my car was within 50 feet. Then just as suddenly, they turn radar back on as I move off. Does anyone think they are using RDD? It's legal in Tennessee to have a...
  15. davidc502

    RPSE 1 mile Ka detection 34.7 - Map and Video

    Today, I drove by LEO running constant on (34.7) from a small parking lot. I decided to drive around a 2nd time, and got a detection from a good distance away (1.07 miles according to Google Maps). By the time I tried to drive by him a 3rd time he was gone. Still, I'm amazed at the how well...
  16. davidc502

    Radar Detector Museum going back to the 1960's

    This is a cool site with pictures and descriptions of radar detectors going back to the very early 1960's! Pretty cool stuff.
  17. davidc502

    Laser LiDAr absorbing car bra?

    Is anyone producing a car bra designed to absorb light like laser/lidar? If so, what's it effectiveness? I know for years, photographers use light absorbing materials like found in the link below. Didn't know if anyone has done any tests with such materials to see how effective it would be .vs...
  18. davidc502

    Pro SE GPS Lockouts

    From what I understand, the GPS Lockouts aren't working as well as they should on the Pro SE. The latest firmware update from about a month ago further addresses the GPS lockout feature, but still has issues... Basically, I'm just regurgitating what's been posted on the forums and from Vortex's...
  19. davidc502

    Pro SE Laser Detection

    How does the SE perform in terms of Laser Detection? I realize with Laser detection, it's mainly considered a "ticket notifier", but am curious how it stands out against other detectors. Thanks, David

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