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  1. G37X Jockey

    Drones issue Speeding Tickets According to this article, Spanish police have begun using drones to issue speeding tickets. Heads up for our Spanish friends - Literally. Posted from my SM-A520W using the RDF Mobile App!
  2. G37X Jockey

    MRCD - 24.100 Falses

    Speed cameras are being activated and tested in my area, so I've been experimenting with turning MRCD on for my front DSP antenna since I don't know for sure what detection method they use. No detections near the cams so far but I do get frequent 24.100 alerts when well away from the cam...
  3. G37X Jockey

    Statistics in BT App Issue

    I installed the latest update by bluetooth without any issues, except that now the Statistics button doesn't connect to the webpage. Pressing the button in the app just shows the usual grey spinning icon but doesn't follow with the usual connection to the stats page. I've uninstalled and...
  4. G37X Jockey

    Increased Enforcement?

    A few months back the BC government reduced the limit on some highways from 120 to 110 and 110 to 100 kph. Now I'm running into speed traps on those highways where I used to see almost none. Has anyone else noticed this change in enforcement? Thinking of the Coquihala and Island highways in...
  5. G37X Jockey

    Some Cops Take Themselves Too Seriously

    This story is just bizarre Florida Cops Held Liable For Handcuffing Alleged Speeder
  6. G37X Jockey

    Happy Driving in Alberta

    Finally some common sense in Alberta. Posted from my SM-A520W using the RDF Mobile App!
  7. G37X Jockey

    Speeding Ticket Quotas

    The NTSB wants federally mandated speeding ticket quotas tied to federal grants. No mention of safety targets, just numbers of speeding tickets written. Posted from my SM-A520W using the RDF Mobile App!
  8. G37X Jockey

    Spain Using 'Copters and Drones?

    Spanish traffic authorities are now using helicopters with speed cameras and drones for general traffic enforcement. This will be tough to defend against. Spain Deploys Drones For Traffic Enforcement Posted from my SM-A520W using the RDF Mobile App!
  9. G37X Jockey

    U.S. Governors Buying into Vision Zero

    Here's an unsettling news story about a movement to reduce highway speed limits in the U.S. The public will be fed deliberately misleading statistics in support of Vision Zero, which is a "safety" movement which will use ever lower speed limits as it's primary method of eliminating traffic...
  10. G37X Jockey

    Speed Camera with 1000 Meter Range

    Waze won't give you enough warning for this baby... New giant speed camera can catch people 1km away and is clear enough to identify the driver Posted from my SM-A520W using the RDF Mobile App!
  11. G37X Jockey

    Connecticut Man Arrested for Warning Motorists

    Here it is in black and white boys and girls; police do indeed have ticket quotas. Like there was any doubt. Speed Trap Protester Sues Connecticut Cops Posted from my SM-A520W using the RDF Mobile App!
  12. G37X Jockey

    NSW Photo Radar Senate Report Australia: Audit Questions Speed Camera Effectiveness This Australian report details how ineffective photo radar has been in reducing accidents in NSW. The recommendations are all concerning changing tactics to increase revenue. Posted from my SM-A520W using the RDF...
  13. G37X Jockey

    Dragon Eye in Hope BC

    Dragon Eye in use by Hope RCMP today on Hwy 1 westbound near the weight scales. Posted from my SM-A520W using the RDF Mobile App!
  14. G37X Jockey

    MultiRadarCD falses?

    I encountered my first MultiRadarCD speedcam a few weeks ago in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Nice long distance detection with linear ramp up. I've also received a handful of brief, weak defections in rural areas with light traffic and definitely no cameras around. RD is NR DSP. Has anyone else...
  15. G37X Jockey

    A Cautionary Tale for Waze Users

    Driving home today from a roadtrip west of Hope B.C. and noticed a police icon on my Waze app. I was following 2 rabbits at a good clip, and sure enough got hit, or picked up scatter, from a PL3. A second later Waze gave the audio warning "police reported ahead". If Waze had been backgrounded it...
  16. G37X Jockey

    ALP Connect Bug?

    I've noticed that while running in the background, the ALP app doesn't always pop up during K band alerts unless it's set to highway mode. Ka alerts always pop up, but K city, red or yellow is inconsistent. Has anyone else noticed this? Samsung J3, android 6.0 Posted from my SM-A520W using the...
  17. G37X Jockey

    NR Not Connecting

    Just spent a couple weeks in a banned area, so I disconnected my rear NR due to Spectre concerns. I've now reconnected the NR, done a reset and downloaded settings (several times), but the ALP will only recognize the front DSP as 110.205, rear NR = 0 and an "error rear radar antenna...
  18. G37X Jockey

    MRCD Question

    Has there been any testing to determine a reduction of DSP antenna K band reaction time when MRCD is turned on? I'm asking because MRCD seems to be spreading, and when I'm driving into an unfamiliar area I'd like to know how much of a K band hit (if any) the DSP suffers when MRCD is activated...
  19. G37X Jockey

    The Lunatic Fringe.. Gunter: For the right residential speed limit, follow the buses The Lunatic Fringe running Edmonton is ramping up the war on driving. Posted from my SM-A520W using the RDF Mobile App!
  20. G37X Jockey

    Firmware 5.4.8 Update

    Today's 5.4.8 update seems good on the radar side of things except that I still get the occasional "radar antenna disconnected" ( either F1 or Rear ). This only happens, sometimes, after BT app connection or when switching to a parking only profile ( which turns off radar antennas ) and then...

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