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    Voice commands are available.
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    It's my understanding and belief that the moment you press the first alert button, those GPS coordinates are stored for the upcoming alert when you decide what you are alerting to. This might be something to test. :-) If it works as I'm saying, your reports are inaccurate.
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    made a visit to hq

    That info means very little without a fair amount of details. What's a typical drive; where, how far, times of day, etc. :offtopic:
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    made a visit to hq

    Here's another thought: It's mounted up high just like he recommends and you can't see it. Can't see mine up there either.
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    Can you see my radar detector?

    Can't edit my post above Dave G. Sorry if I sounded rude. I didn't mean it that way but in hindsight, I see it now. Sorry!
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    made a visit to hq

  7. BlueV1

    1.7.3 released

    Looking forward to the update as always!
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    Can you see my radar detector?

    I see yours Dave G! (I thought this was going to be tougher) Can you see mine? Now I have a tint strip up there as well. ;) I don't worry at all driving in VA with my kill switch in easy reach.
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    "Cars That Get the Most Tickets" (Autoblog)

    I see Velosters pretty often around here. Must be a regional thing. :)
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    Uniden R7 Vs 1995 Radio Shack detector against Kustom Eagle 35.5 Urban setting.With video

    I've heard that about you but I won't hold it against you. :) Oh, wait...
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    JBV1 Controls Demo

    (Paul Harvey) What do I win?
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    Auto lockouts??? not a good idea.

    It's worse that that Saussie. :hfive: Even if LEO's don't concern themselves with frequencies and just go out and do their duty; US K-band is only 200 MHz and one single Uniden 70 MHz lockout at a strategic frequency of 24.125 GHz and 1,360 feet diameter (as tested by one of our members) would...
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    Auto lockouts??? not a good idea.

    This is not directed at anyone here; Novices using auto-lockouts (in the way that they seem to currently operate, or in the case of the R7 we expect they will operate) is like handing a cordless drill with a 1/2" bit to a toddler. There's an increasing amount of K-band out there.
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    JBV1 Controls Demo

    It's always nice to see someone else using JBV1 (even more so with the developer himself) and pick up on things I've missed! I had not realized that long presses on the CSA button or user marks menu did anything!
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    V1 K-band False Rejection

    Yes. That, or wait for them to start selling new units again and see if there are other improvements.
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    Radar Uniden R7 Two-Mile Detection

    Actually, (nerds way of starting a sentence) flat areas would not be ideal according to the standard curvature calculations of a globe. 6 feet of curvature in 3 miles. What really would help a long range detection is two peaks with nothing in the way.
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    Locations where additional Ka segments (ie. segment 6) are needed

    Great collection of info @imaitguy!
  18. BlueV1

    You know you have a sickness when...

    Love it! :worthless:
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    Accidentally washed off the two stickers covering the lens removal holes.

    Thanks Jag42. I am correct in believing that there is a sealed inner lens and then a removable outer lens? I was worried that forcing air, dust, moisture, etc. into those holes at highway speeds would cause some contaminates to get in-between over time and obscure the "visibility". I'll make...

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