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    Dash cam deterrence

    I have my dash cam set up for the LED’s to blink in parking mode. Is it a better deterrent to advertise people are being filmed or does it just draw attention to the vehicle. Curious on opinions
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    Dragon eye 2

    While having my ALP install the shop technician mentioned there is a Dragon eye 2. Was told no system including ALP with TX head will jam this new version of the dragon eye. Is any of this true ?
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    ALP 2RX plus TX Toyota Tacoma

    Two RX and one TX. Very stealth install
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    ALP LED and TX head

    I’m going to be running ALP only with 1TX and 2RX on front of truck. Will LED be yellow or blue while driving. I’m used to blue LED when running 3RX heads. With GPS and TX added on what color will LED be ?
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    Order of programming ALP

    Adding TX sensor and HiFi controller. I know factory reset first, but is it then HiFI update via usb stick then configurations via Bluetooth Or Bluetooth configuration first then HiFi via USB drive Confused on what the order is
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    Toyota’s anti collision sensor and ALP’s

    Any issues with ALP and Toyota anti collision sensor. I plan on putting the center directly under the anti collision sensor. I’m also considering a solution of using the lower part of front end. Any suggestions regarding the front end anti collision sensor ? It would be an easier install to use...
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    3 head ALP placement Toyota Tacoma

    Any suggestions on mounting 3 ALP heads front only ? I prefer not cutting the honeycomb grill. Anyone have experience with this ? Thanks
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    ALP - moving system to another car.

    I am interested in moving my 3 head ALP and Bluetooth from one car to another. Do I need to do a factory reset ? New configurations needed ? Any other steps involved.
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    ALP’s Falseing has on LV Strip

    ALP’’s keep falsing middle of Las Vegas Strip during the night. Anyone else ?
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    FW 1.10 released 01/22/19 BV900S

    New firmware for BV 900s V1.10
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    Running Spec FR2

    I am running Spec FR2, multi threat, and blue display color on both my Max360 and CI360. On my max360 when k band alert, same time KA alert the latter is red display. On my CI360 the k band on long with Ka band is blue. Using the Escort live APP there is an option for different color alert...
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    BlackVue rattling

    My 2 week old BlackVue has the dreaded rattle. Sent back to BlackVue for exchange.
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    Rattling noise BlackVue

    I’m getting the dreaded rattle from my BlackVue 900. Anyone else ? What to do ?
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    BlackVue 900 motion on or off

    I have motion lowest setting “1” Getting a lot of notifications, over sensitive at lowest setting. However I like the option to periodically see a live feed of my car. When motion is set to zero I loss the option of checking my car from a remote location. Do you constantly change the settings on...
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    Escort customer service is crap

    I tried calling Escort and after waiting 20 minutes on hold I gave up. My 360CI, cannot download the red light camera database. Also my Escort live I cannot sign in. I also have a windshield unit 360 and Escort live does work on that unit. I used two separate emails to have separate accounts for...
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    New 360CI

    so I registered my 360CI online at Escorts website. I received an email welcoming me but no defender access code. I know Escort doesn’t issue the DB code anymore, but I could not download the current red light data base. Using Escort detector tools pro, current version I was only able to...
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    Daily driver radar/LIDAR install Nissan Frontier

    My daily driver has 3 front ALP’s and Max 360 on a Blendmount
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    Porsche GT3 RS Radar/LIDAR install

    stealth install on my GT3 RS. 360CI for Radar and anti laser priority 3 heads up front/2 in rear. Notice the special rear plate adapter to accommodate both laser jammers. 360 CI display install over rear view mirror. BlackVue 900s mounted on Blendmount.
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    Hello from Southern NV

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