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    Auditor’s Office will use License Plate Reader to catch out-of-state tags.

    What a bunch of Government Idiots! If I am in the Military, I don’t have to change my tags and re-register. If my local job includes a company fleet vehicle and I take it home everyday it could be legally registered in Tennessee and they are SOL. And on and on for reasons like, I’m the...
  2. Transporter

    Can you see my radar detector?

    My question is way bother at that point? I drove up and back the long way through VA in April and had my ALPs on (jammed three of them) and my V1 suction cupped to the windshield, not one issue. Even when exiting the Interstate with a VST looking right out me he didn't do anything. I think it is...
  3. Transporter

    made a visit to hq

    Why bother closing out the thread? Why bother for three reasons 1) you are the one taking it further off topic with your V1 bashing 2) somebody will just open another one 3) we are not done discussing what might or might not be on Mike's Porsche! Speaking of objects, is that a toll pass...
  4. Transporter

    made a visit to hq

    In my gut I still think it is a part that was only manufactured in Costa Rico, the main On/Off Volume push to mute switch. But that is just a SWAG.
  5. Transporter

    made a visit to hq

    But just for testing purposes, Right?! ;)
  6. Transporter

    made a visit to hq

    As much as you drive, you do know that over 500 people are killed a year in vehicle accidents due to objects they left on their rear deck lid?!!! Even an empty box becomes a killer when a vehicle stops instantaneously during an accident and flies off the rear deck hitting passengers in the neck...
  7. Transporter

    South side of Atlanta

    The Bendmount has NO suction cups. So clean the inside of your windshield to remove the marks, install a blend mount up high, run a hardwire so no cord shows and if you visor strip isn't dark enough to hide it then before all that, visit a tint shop and have them add a 5% limo tint visor strip...
  8. Transporter

    made a visit to hq

    Exactly what I said in May, waiting on parts to do a production run of current model V1s. It will NOT be a new and improved V1, though it might have an updated display or changed case to deal with the replacement parts. But we can all still hope.
  9. Transporter

    South side of Atlanta

    Welcome to the RDF! R7 is a good choice. As for taking it down, my vote is if they make a Blend Mount for you vehicle for the R7 go that route and mount it high plus hardwire it so you no longer have to take it down. I would also invest in ALP or TMG as soon as you can if you have a heavy foot...
  10. Transporter

    So what city, state or other do you refuse to speed? And why?

    I took three years of French in High School and 2 years in College (silly me thought why would I ever need Spanish when it seems all the South Americans want to come here so they will want to learn English, mistake on my part). So I get pulled over in Toronto trying to get to the company Skybox...
  11. Transporter

    So what city, state or other do you refuse to speed? And why?

    Yea though I drive through the valley of the shadow of Traffic Enforcement I will fear no evil for my V1 (w/ JBV1) and my ALP 2RX/1TX front and rear comfort me . . . . All the days and nights I drive PSL plus twenty-five! I drive therefore I exceed the PSL. A very good friend of mine has dual...
  12. Transporter

    Swung by Escort HQ

    Hey @johnboy00 belongs to the Valentine One faithful! :cool: Thank the stars Escort will never open up their API.
  13. Transporter

    New user. Just installed full ALP system

    Welcome to the RDF! What RD are you running with you ALP? Did you go with NetRadar or Radenso RC-M?
  14. Transporter

    JBV1 Controls Demo

    Now I know why I was having some issues with my settings; I wasn't listening to Tool while I was making my setting changes! That or the song I was listening to wasn't long enough. Thanks for the demo and the updates.
  15. Transporter

    I am now very convinced that the solution to "all" BSM alerts is QR.

    Quite Ride is great around town and when under a set speed, it really doesn't apply when one is actually using an RD for what it is supposed to be used for, exceeding the PSL while limiting as many tickets as possible. All bets are off above the set Quite Ride speed which if one is using common...
  16. Transporter

    Hey, hey, hey from upstate NY

    Welcome to the RDF! Are you thinking about getting Lidar Jammers? Check out for reviews. As for State by State the Forum has this: RDF Geographical Survey - Temporary Viewing System If you can't get to that webpage, see it, then one needs to be a higher level User, I...
  17. Transporter

    Central Florida lurker finally took the dive

    Welcome to the RDF! What RD are you running now? In Florida, are you thinking about get Lidar Jammers? Check out for reviews. Enjoy!
  18. Transporter

    Looking to buy new radar detector which one ? Redline EX or Uniden R7

    Welcome to the RDF! If it were me, I would buy the Uniden R7 and twice on Sunday. By the way, Range is a Myth. It is a marketing tool for detectors with less to offer. I run a V1 which is third and fourth in overall range depending on the test and I haven't had a ticket since 1997 and I am plus...
  19. Transporter

    New Member

    Welcome to the RDF! Things have really changed, but BSM is still one of the main issues as is MRCD if you live in parts of the country where it is used. Jump over to the Radar Discussion section and fill out the questionnaire and the Forum will give you plenty of feedback. As for my part...
  20. Transporter

    Watching TV without Satellite or cable.

    If sports is your thing, check out Sling, Pluto, and Amazon. Sling has a package that includes ESPN and other sports channels at a fairly low monthly rate compared to cable. Also unlike Cable or Satellite that has to be installed, Sling can be turned on or off at will (within a Month). I use it...

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