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    Howdy from FL

    That's a lot of chase cars, but it does make sense, as well as the Waze pin spam. I will look out for that. I guess I'm still a bit surprised that they would be comfortable using stopwatches as the source for speeding tickets, since we've moved away from tools that can be biased by human input...
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    Howdy from FL

    Thanks everyone for the welcomes, and the FL tips (including buckling up :smug:... Although to be honest, so far this state has the worst drivers I have ever seen, so it's no joke!) @thebravo The aircraft tips are really helpful, thank you. Is there a straightforward way to find tail numbers to...
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    TMG -Install on Tesla-Placement suggestions

    Any other Tesla Model 3 folks out there getting good results with these or other placements? @Bossdad71, was your customer satisfied with their installation? Did they end up going with one of the options discussed here?
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    Howdy from FL

    Hi Everyone! I've been using RDForum for years--It is a great community with a lot of helpful people. Thanks to all who are active here. It took me a lot of courage and time to sign up, and even more to post, but here I am finally today. I am a former Escort 9500ix owner, now Uniden R3, and...

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