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    Connection question

    Yes, Under Bluetooth Settings Disable “Auto-Run Bluetooth” Then on the Main screen hit the Bluetooth button to Manually Connect and Disconnect. BTW I just added a cool (EXPERIMENTAL) feature that requires V1Driver to see that the phone it actively paired to your radio before it attempts to...
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    Connection question

    V1Driver can connect as a hidden Background Daemon. It won’t show in the running list of apps if it automatically connected on its own. Lots of apps do this, just not many of them talk. ;)
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    J-Out Logging in V1Driver

    No, it does not tag it as J-Out. I’ll add it to my todo list.
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    Customize settings before ever connecting

    Yes, you can have your custom sweeps and other V1 programming ready to go ahead of time. You can set up a profile in V1Connections and once you get your V1, let it connect and select the profile you created and it will ask if you want to push it to the V1. If you did it correctly the V1 will...
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    Do you shut your car off while pumping gas

    The nozzle can spark because it is at earth ground and the vehicle is not. 1564888197 Tesla ;)
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    Do you shut your car off while pumping gas

    My car automatically shuts off while fueling. And won’t start or move while fueling. But on my older cars, besides safety issues it is common curtesy to not fumigate fellow pumpers and hope they return the same curtesy.
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    V1 Driver newbe

    Correct, you can setup his and hers. But if you are say driving opposite cars you won’t connect. What it really needs is a priority scheme, which is tricky without chewing up battery. Hmmm, I think I just thought of a cool way to do it. Thanks for the perfect response earlier in the thread. :)
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    Experiences with sunshade and windshield mounted RDs?

    I don’t get it, what’s the problem again ;) BTW, I had not even thought about this potential awkwardness until I saw this post. Another plus for V1 flexibility.
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    New Statistical based Tolerancing per GPS Lockout PIN

    No, I ended up adding a picker wheel filter that allows you to only show gpsmuttol pins. I also added a debug option that if you set the debug mask to 10 (Hex), when you look at a pins “Info” it will list all the frequencies collected.
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    Other Geriatric driver decides to park it on the interstate and cause motorcycle crash.

    If a ticket was issued and accident filed there should be a path to contact the biker. If anything through the other trooper.
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    Other Geriatric driver decides to park it on the interstate and cause motorcycle crash.

    Why was the Traverse Slamming on the Brakes (Brake Check)? Why did he flip you the bird (did he do that when he opened the door, it was hard to tell). It’s hard to tell if he was pulling into break down or not (maybe his car pulled when braked hard)?. How do you know he was “Geriatric”. And...
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    A primer on Android phones

    I love those type apps. And yes I’ve tripped over VPN related stuff. Blocked MAC address API and blocked WiFi API. Those same APIs can be used for good things and abusive things. That’s all I use my ~8 (I lost count) Android phones for besides debugging. I have non activated Android phones...
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    A primer on Android phones

    Totally agree. As far as I’m concerned Pixel’s are the only true Android phone. Docs match behavior perfectly. Quick release of images to debug against. First to release OS updates. Samsung is the most non Android in my experience. Very cool hardware. Unfortunately they are the most popular...
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    A primer on Android phones

    I agree. But when 95% of co-workers. 95% of customers also use iProducts those play “nicer” together as well. It’s not just email and sms. I work in tech and most folks have iPhones. Probable 8:1. Go to any college, 90% of the kids will have iPhones. What Laptop integrates with an Android like...
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    A primer on Android phones

    We both kicked and screamed switching from Android to iOS for about a year. Now we could never go back. We never realized what we were missing. iMessage (with feed back), FaceTime (switching in the middle of a call), AirDrop, Find iPhone. Yeah yeah, Android “can” do that, but everyone runs a...
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    A primer on Android phones

    Pixel if Android. But being on different platforms between you and your wife is a royal PITA. Also staying on top of both platforms is a PITA. SIMs are normally stable on any top of line phone. Seems kind of a drastic move to solve a SIM issue. Get a different iPhone if the iPhone 8 has some...
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    Ex-Arizona teacher sentenced to 20 years in prison for sex with student

    Did you read the article? She had sex in the classroom while an 11 year old boy was asked to stand watch. Imagine if it was a 28 year old guy and a 13 year old girl and 11 year old girl asked to stand watch. Equal pay, equal rights, equal punishment.
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    V1Driver has been designed to be "Fail Safe" from day one

    I agree, he addresses them promptly as they come up.
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    V1Driver has been designed to be "Fail Safe" from day one

    I couldn't help notice this thread about the risks in using "other" apps. Silent Ride muted a legit alert... No GPS Fix! I try not to bash the "competition", because, well, it's all free, right. I went to great lengths to make V1Driver fail safe. A lot users just go for eye candy and they...
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    Anyone else grow fruit/vegetables?

    Interesting Video on extending the season on Zucchini and Summer Squash. 1561866725 I have had a tough time with Broccoli, Swiss Chard, Beans all getting damaged when the plants are young. Wasn’t sure if it was a ground hog, birds or bugs. I think it ended up being birds. Finally decided to...

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