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  1. Deacon

    2019 El Paso Walmart Mass Shooting

    It helps when you dehumanize brown people and tell them they should go back where they came from even if they were born here and that they are “infested” and are in fact themselves an infestation.
  2. Deacon

    R1/R3 v1.50 Firmware Released

    I would be surprised if it’s a legit dB change and not just a software choice to simply not surface alerts in that frequency range. But maybe their wizards are more wizardly than I think.
  3. Deacon

    The Bacon Thread

    That’s how you cook your bacon? You’re a monster! :ohnocrying:
  4. Deacon

    Newbie questions

    ProVoice? Every DMR tier and MotoTRBO? NXDN?
  5. Deacon

    Do you shut your car off while pumping gas
  6. Deacon

    5 Best Radar Detectors Aug 2019 Ripped off Vortex Pic

    They modified it (slapping the “Laser” label on a Ka radar device), so it’s not hotlinked. But I love where your head is at ;)
  7. Deacon

    Towing a trailer w/ small sedan(Honda Civic).

    I just checked, and even a FWD Honda Pilot from your year has a tow rating of only 3500 lbs. I think even the CRV is only 1500. Apparently towing anything at all could be enough to void your Civic warranty, if that means anything to you. Keep in mind your Civic has a short wheelbase. Ever look...
  8. Deacon

    Do you shut your car off while pumping gas

    No it’s not. It has nothing to do with the vehicle running or not. That concern comes from people getting back in their vehicle and out again when fueling, especially repeatedly, and it’s very dependent on the vehicle’s upholstery materials, the clothing materials you’re wearing, and weather...
  9. Deacon

    Towing a trailer w/ small sedan(Honda Civic).

    Plus the weight of you, passengers, luggage, coolers full of drinks, etc, before you then add in tongue weight. And with no GCWR, that leaves you wondering about the rest. And with significantly reduced fuel mileage, how far will your range be with only 12.4 gallons on a brimmed tank? Probably...
  10. Deacon

    Do you shut your car off while pumping gas

    No they won’t. That requires a series of parameters to be off over a period of time. Temporarily opening the cap to put gas in and closing it again won’t throw a code on a properly operating vehicle. While I do sometimes leave my vehicles running at the pump, I use the heck out of the remote...
  11. Deacon

    Towing a trailer w/ small sedan(Honda Civic).

    That’s the max rating of the hitch itself. If you secure it to a moped it doesn’t mean suddenly it’s capable of towing 2,000 lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) includes tongue weight, any weight pressed to the ground by the vehicle. The car itself, fuel, passengers, cargo, tongue weight...
  12. Deacon

    Next Generation Valentine Product Discussion. (Not Patent Related)

    They’ve been processing the firmware upgrades this whole time. That’s what the $79 upgrade is, putting the Junk K Fighter firmware on units that are modern enough to not require hardware upgrades. I don’t think his point is valid, that upgrading firmware to the latest and greatest for a lower...
  13. Deacon

    Suggestion Push notifications

    Out of curiosity, what events are you looking to get push notifications about, exactly? Like any new PM or someone mentions you in a thread or something? I’ve always just visited RDF and clicked the notification or message icons, and I’m trying to imagine a scenario where push notifications...
  14. Deacon

    Do you shut your car off while pumping gas

    Wow. @kadafrogg your posts in this thread have taken us on quite the journey. Maybe when whatever it is you’re going through gets resolved you can come back around.
  15. Deacon


    The only one I’ve seen is late March of last year.
  16. Deacon

    Do you shut your car off while pumping gas

    Wow, 5% of vehicles stolen in Chicago were carjackings?? That’s well over twice the number of cars stolen from gas stations! Because of Hollywood, most people don’t realize there’s no way for a lit cigarette to ignite gasoline. It just doesn’t get hot enough. You can put out a cigarette in...
  17. Deacon

    OK, have to ask....... Jinjer

    If that’s her unprocessed and unenhanced screaming voice, then she is a singular talent. That said, I wonder what her more “natural” screaming voice is. It seems like she may have been into it young and was trying to imitate the men and turned out to be able to get the hang of it where most...
  18. Deacon


    In rural Texas always assume K is in play, and you’ll usually be right. And always keep an eye open for bored and enthusiastic DPS troopers. I was in that area early this year and don’t recall encountering much of any traffic enforcement period, but you know how that goes.
  19. Deacon

    Other The OFFICIAL idiot drivers thread

    If there was a cyclist in the biking lane, the truck would’ve braked.
  20. Deacon

    What does the average person know about detectors.

    I think the average person forgets they even exist.

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