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    Over the past month, waze users have not been reporting police, and hazards. Just me. And when I report it, BOOM I get the message "you just helped 8 plus waze users"! Its seems those people are just being lazy and using the app and I've been sending users AHEAD of me bad messages for not...
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    Power Mirror Problem from hell solved.

    Had my silver bmw in the dealer again , couldn't figure out why my mirrors lose thier position and has to repositioned every other day. Well, the dealer couldn't duplicate the condition after several visits, several days each visit. Only happened at the house. Battery test good wiring power...
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    Tru Speed Camera Wars Have Started

    Noticed my local department s on the highway with upgraded Tru speeds Tru cam! Have to remove the front plate now and get s tinted rear to use with Alp. But check the link out. BTW this has nothing to do with my pacing citation I'm fighting...
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    Moving lidar trap with video

    What you guys think of this thing. A cop can be driving unmarked or marked while his partner points and records. No need to be stationary. Dam...
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    15% off ebay today

    PSAVETODAY use by 7pm. I have seen countermeasures and vehicle recording equipment for sale as well
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    Another cop avoids waze

    Sooo!, on 74 east today, a black dodge Durango with hazards on the right shoulder was marked on waze as vehicle stopped on shoulder ahead. I blew by that vehicle only to find its a cop Black SUV with ghost out police letters on it. So beware of any vehicle marked on waze.
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    ALP Firmware 5.5.2/8.2 Release 2/11/19

    5.5.2/8.2 has been released today
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    Advanced users. Need your help

    Is our systems effective against this practice? It's done locally all the time LTI 20/20 Big black and blue gun. . They do this locally with a big black and blue 20/20 . Does this effect the performance of out parking sensors defense?
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    LTI 20/20

    A LEO doing lidar with a 20/20 black and blue full size today in a school zone was covering the front with one hand and looking into the front lenses as he transmitted with the other and cleaned his lenses with a cloth. Is this safe? I never educate cops but kinda felt bad for him.
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    New Dragon Eye Recertification Timer

    Dragon eye's website shows a new feature of a recertification timer , to remind LEOS , the unit needs recertified. I am assuming a loaner is sent while this process takes effect? Anyhow, kinda seems like this feature might not be liked by some leo's.
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    Reduce Close Range Lidar Acquisition

    Me and uncle bill did some lidar testing yesterday with 1 car, vs 1 bike cop shooting truspeed sxb at 260-340ft ranges using just the valentine one to detect the lidar. So an idea hit us, how can we get this cop to shoot us a further distance? How can we take this LEO out of his normal state of...
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    gps jammers taking out alp gps

    As many of you don't know, truck drivers, taxis, users, and a lot more use gps hammers under$50+ on the roads and highways . Some jammers are low powered, some high powered resulting in your alp not having a gps signal. Alp does not have a jam resistant gps antenna at this time. This may stop...
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    dragon eye in hot heat

    This hit the news today.They use dragon cams and lidar only and on the news here in New Miami Ohio it said if you ever received one of these citations you can request a refund or dismissal. Dragon Eye is handling all photos and tickets for the department and at fault. The investigation has just...
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    TMG DR-4

    :) DR-4 3-in-1 GPS DVR Radar Detector - Facets Product Design & Development Ltd. Radar, laser, gps evidence,red light cameras, multi region options and so much more.
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    Laser Blocker Home | BEAMSTOP'R Laser Blocking Safety Barriers
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    Request to mods

    At this point in time, even the 20/20 now has anti jamming built in. 2019 is approaching and this thread is taking up space and costing money. I'd say its time to remove this thread permanently from the site. It can be discussed in "other laser hammers" if needed. The same with blinder.
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    Uniden R3 $200 new ebay

    MOD EDIT: DO NOT BUY, FRAUDULANT UNIT! Uniden R3 $200 new ebay I just bought one;) Sign in or Register | eBay Item #: 192672860085 Item #: 192672860085 just bought one
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    So , the state troopers have a new tactic here in ohio. As one trooper is driving the opposite side of the highway running low power instant on k, another , hanging back hiding,behind a semi truck or traffic in your direction gets behind you and pulls you over from his radio call. So like 4...
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    Totally Shocked 8.20 firmware

    No video but was doing 26 opsl mandatory court date,ohio trooper was hiding UNDER AN OVERPASS in between the concrete foundation and concrete support with his color charger perfectly blending in with the concrete. About time I seen him, got the loud sirens then " blah blah blah or ultralyte...

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