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  1. Falcon HR Kill Zone

    Falcon HR Kill Zone

    MWTC 7-21-19
  2. Tallyho

    [Patent] High Probability of Intercept Radar Detector (part 2)

    Looks on target to me. Will Mike pursue the outstanding patents before releasing any updates so that we won't see a new V1 for years to come? Or has his patience finally paid off so he can release his swan song within the year? Tune in next time for another exciting episode of Mystery Patent...
  3. Tallyho

    Hand signals

    Unless you are in a major urban area with dense traffic, in which case it's called defensive driving!
  4. Tallyho

    Radar R7 Save: 35.5 I/O Ambush Up the Wazoo

    Sneaky bastard. Rear dashcam would be nice. Ahem. ;)
  5. Tallyho

    old people get away with anything

    It's possible to acknowledge anything conceptually. However, it's one thing to acknowledge something, it's quite another to have knowledge of that same thing. Knowledge, in this sense, is the schematic which allows for understanding and diagnosing an underlying problem. Like anything else...
  6. Tallyho

    old people get away with anything

    Sure that's one perspective and it's easy to fall prey to it. One of the primary purposes of Faith is to acknowledge reality, especially our own limitations (inculpable) and shortcomings (culpable). To the extent that it doesn't do that, it's not doing it's job. And there is no shortage of...
  7. Tallyho

    old people get away with anything

    Isn't that what Faith is for? To provide an understanding of things not seen that helps make sense of a lifetime of things that can't be unseen?
  8. Tallyho

    The Last of 007 As We Know It?

    I think we have our winner, Biohazardous. Ramba...:roflcopter:
  9. Tallyho

    The Last of 007 As We Know It?

    It's a great idea! I can't wait to see the next Wonder Woman played by a man. :barf: Hollyweird is ruining everything. It used to be that a show could "jump the shark" but they have elevated it to an entire industry.
  10. Tallyho

    Wisconsin State Patrol Enforcement "Hot Spots"

    My equilibrium: :megashifty:
  11. Tallyho

    Semi Truck Road Rage (Video)

    Do they ever try to engage in retaliation by radio?
  12. Tallyho

    Status of this project...

    @mikedotd @Windstrings as these gentlemen were involved at one point and might have the latest.
  13. Tallyho

    Mom caught cruising with 2 kids riding in an inflatable pool on top of her car

    If I were her attorney I'd definitely get the charge for "failure to secure a passenger between 8 and 16" dismissed. How can they be passengers when they are on the roof, your honor? I rest my case. :tiphat:
  14. Tallyho

    July 4-7 40% off Scosche site wide

    On a related note I've found that these suction cup mounts all start to melt and the gel that provides the grip eventually liquefies from the constant exposure to sunlight. Anybody have any other suggestions?
  15. Tallyho

    Poll - Do you use K Narrow or K Wide? (Post reasons in comments - optional)

    Must be a competition thing between monkeys. :laugh:
  16. Tallyho

    Poll - Do you use K Narrow or K Wide? (Post reasons in comments - optional)

    Post #65 immediately above mine:
  17. Tallyho

    Poll - Do you use K Narrow or K Wide? (Post reasons in comments - optional)

    Unfortunately this isn't the case as @InsipidMonkey pointed out. There should be no illusion, any company offering the ability to seg K is allowing you to play Russian Roulette and is offering a poor man's version of filtering.
  18. Tallyho

    R7 - Signal reporting

    Every RD manufacturer has its quirks that are part of the experience of ownership. You just put your finger on one of Uniden's which has been that way for years and you aren't the first one to raise the ramp up issue:
  19. Tallyho

    Valentine One Experts let's Share your Ideas

    If you more than doubled your distance I think you have maximized performance. This is for Ku detection? Does anyone know if TMF applies to Ku detection? I still recommend adding bluetooth with an app so you can store unlimited locations for these fixed cameras. Then you can get alerts in...
  20. Tallyho

    Valentine One Experts let's Share your Ideas

    Is TMF On or Off? TMF Off will give you the best range but it might also give you significantly more falses if you have a lot of K band pollution. An app connected to your phone with Bluetooth will help with that by adjusting your settings to mute threats until they reach minimum thresholds...

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