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  1. apsykes

    Uniden R1 - 200$ on woot There's the link. Just saw it so decided to share
  2. apsykes

    ZR5 installed on my MB E350

    I own a W211 (yours w212, almost same front grill) myself and I opted for hood grill mounted heads, only bugger is leveling them hood down, and you have to careful close the hood by lowering to first lock then push down to lock (risk of impact shock from hood slam) Granted I cut into my grill...
  3. apsykes

    South Bay (San Francisco Bay) Automotive services (And radar/lidar installs)

    Hey all, me and a few friends decided to open up a small little business in San jose, CA called: "The Driveway" Located off of Almaden Expwy, Close to willow glen (makes radar and lidar tests easy haha) Just wanted to throw our name out here and show all the services and what sets us apart...
  4. apsykes

    Transmission woes

    if its a manual, change out the slave and master cylinder and bleed the system, should be good to go. if its an auto.... welll shrug
  5. apsykes

    Am I doing something incorrectly?

    i second the muting both accidently at the same time. If both signals are picked up at the same time it'll alert to the most serious threat (X then K then KA then Laser, Nothing beats laser) If you press mute at multiple signals it'll fully mute all the alerts at that moment. What i do is once...
  6. apsykes

    Offical Cobra Aim Fail Thread

    seen a dude who velcro'd it to his dashboard... facing the driver front wheel. Level though. Also had a customer come in for a oil change on his GT350 Mustang. His cobra (Blendmounted) pointing at a 20(?) degrees upwards, and point leftward. i offered radar detector mounting adjustment as...
  7. apsykes

    Escort iX Ci introduced at CES

    not sure if its replied but they have the max CI that's basically the Max360 CI minus rear radar an minus the jammers. now add the Max CI in your cart, and Purchase the optional Rear Radar horn and you basically have a Max 360 CI (W/o Jammers) *oi yeah... this was a month ago... uhhh hello? haha
  8. apsykes

    Max 360 Fail!! Got a Lidar ticket No warning!

    I say this to customers: If you have a radar detector, no matter how good or basic it is, it will save your butt from radar in California. But if they are standing out of their car and you don't have a parking sensor hint hint, the moment you see him he probably already has your speed. Radar...
  9. apsykes

    What LIDAR guns in Nor CA - Bay Area?

    Chp: truspeed, TSS, ultralyte, PL3 SF: stalker XLR/xs? Campbell: Truspeed San Jose: Tss, lti guns
  10. apsykes

    Help me pick a new SUV to replace my Miata

    To above post: Save money, get the audi Q. It's basically the same thing but smaller engine, basic suspension, and no edgy "hey look at me I got money (and kids)" shock factor of the body that screams Lamborghini (owned by Volkswagen AG which also owns Audi) Or a Mercedes suv, lol
  11. apsykes

    I'm down to help in terms of testing, just send a text to me when you want to 40822 87118,

    I'm down to help in terms of testing, just send a text to me when you want to 40822 87118,
  12. apsykes

    Recommended shops in the Bay Area

    What do you have in mind (hardware) and what kind of vehicle? I don't know if this helps but my auto shop takes time to finish the job and I like (no seriously, I enjoy) testing my systems (all I got on tap right now is a stalker ATR and a lti ultralyte. Not sure if other 12v shops actually...
  13. apsykes

    Offering radar/lidar testing in South Bay, CA

    Hey guys, me and a friend just opened an (auto repair/mod/12v/vinyl wrap/tire/alignment) shop and I managed to get approved a base fund of 250$ to buy some basic guns, in my possession I have a stalker ATR (With the sketchiest battery setup ever lol) and a lti ultralyte 20/20(that reads in KPH)...
  14. apsykes

    Interview with Escort's new management at SEMA to discuss Escort's future

    I don't know if someone mentioned it alerady but the guy with the wolf like last name actually told me that escort is integrating El with cobra's iradar. Different interface, same alerts, if they can sell volume to cobra and make an app that runs like the Amazon Alexa in car version (just using...
  15. apsykes

    Escort Vehicle integration

    So I'm here at SEMA 2018 and I like to keep my mind open (also supply our clients many options from decent and cheap(er) to best and Worth it's weight in gold) So.... talking to the escort guys they worked with a group called "mid city engineering" to make an instrument cluster piggyback that...
  16. apsykes

    Questions to ask Escort's management?

    I just talked to them too today, more so business on being a installer, honestly I forgot the guy I talked to but he wasn't too pushy or anything haha, hope to bump in you at SEMA!
  17. apsykes

    ALP dual front placement on a W211 E55 AMG

    I'm totally unsure where to place two front ALP heads on the front end of my car hahah. The front: two regular heads(where) Future/three heads? Two heads one TX? The rear(future): two regular heads? One regular, one Tx? If anything I'm on the golden state where I've seen truspeed, PL III...
  18. apsykes

    Unmarked CHP

    I mean I've see white chp chargers with the badge only visible if you look at the front door... I believe those ones at least are commercial enforcement vehicles and will only pull you over as a passenger car if you do something very stupid... Like tailgating a Jetta on the far left lane. In my...
  19. apsykes

    Highway 87 (San Jose)

    While doordashing I saw a chipper on the other side of 87 (I was going south bound he was northbound) on the freeway divider using a ultralyte. I thought they all switched over to Pl3/truspeed?
  20. apsykes

    Radar detector recommendation on 280 N Freeway from San Jose to San Francisco

    To be honest my friend still rolls a 8500x50 and still picks up KA easy. He only get caught when he forgets his detector in his M3 and takes his mother's 325ci back up to the city. Laser.... Haven't experienced that except on the east bay and you'll probably want something else for that.

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