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  1. SunTzuAOW

    Laser Guns

    Anyway to incorporate which gun your being hit with?
  2. SunTzuAOW

    What happen?

    Finally decided to send in my V1 for junk fighter, which I received back today. Smiling like a little kid on Christmas, I run out to the car, to get everything set. So I set up my YaV1, and load one of the many profiles. Everything works perfectly. While playing around I decided to turn TMF off...
  3. SunTzuAOW

    Engine compartment

    Anyone left their setup (control module, Bluetooth, gps antenna) in the engine compartment? I think someone in the past put one in a Tupperware and it seem to work fine. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. SunTzuAOW

    Placement on 2016 CTS-V

    Turned 50 and brought myself a little gift!! I have a dual I pulled off my Gennie. What's your opinion on best placement? Only deep enough area is the lower mess grill in the corners, but it blocks my cross parking cameras. I've had my system for almost two year. Should I buy new heads? Or you...
  5. SunTzuAOW

    You think I should slow down?

    VSP out big time trying to bring in revenue Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. SunTzuAOW


    Just wanted to know the average time anyone has swapped out the double sided bondage used to secure the heads. Going on year one, and all looks good, but should I swap out just in case? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. SunTzuAOW

    Driving habits!!

    Was on vacation and had a rental car for the week. I was in an unknown area and I was without countermeasures. It beg me to ask the forum, how does your driving habits differ when you are without CMs? I felt so naked and tended to obey the speed limits. Specially at night in a party town. It was...
  8. SunTzuAOW

    CREW, jammers

    We had just started moving from vehicle mounted to portable when i retired in 2009. Just curious if anyone has tested it against traffic radar. :D
  9. SunTzuAOW

    Update problem

    just updated my iPhone with the latest version which was release yesterday, now I get no speed reading. Stays at 0. Went to app application and cycled off and on the location button. Still no reading. Anyone else having this problem? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. SunTzuAOW

    Washington Auto Show

    Anyone going? I'm all dug out and heard its won't open til Tuesday at noon.
  11. SunTzuAOW

    Got hit by Truspeed!!

    On the turnpike southbound near exit 5. Trooper of the right on an official turnaround (parked on top of the exit, I'm sure you guys have seen it before) . Funny thing about it, this is the first time I ever got hit without my V1 going off. I have an ALP dual. Just goes to show how tight the...
  12. SunTzuAOW

    Photo Ticket

    Hey all. My daughter received a photo ticket in the mail from DC. 46 in a 35. Has anyone tried to beat a photo ticket using this advice? is it legit?
  13. SunTzuAOW

    The nerve of this dude!!

    Coming to work this morning, entering Ft Meade the gate security guard (notice I said security and not DoD police), ask me if my dash cam was on. I said "yes", he told me I couldn't have it on (mean while, he missed my V1, which is totally illegal on post.) I said OK, faked like I turned it off...
  14. SunTzuAOW


    Hey Gang, I just brought a Ausdom A261 and I am very impressed so far. Its my first dash cam and I just wanted to know, where on the windshield would one recommend to install. I drive a 2012 Hyundai Genesis, with a V1 directly in front of me, high on the windshield, and a EZ pass toward the...
  15. SunTzuAOW

    Fan Duel!!

    I can see this thing becoming the death of me. Anyone else try it? My first week and I broke even. Playing around with it still learning the different leagues and rules Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. SunTzuAOW

    Will this ban parking sensors??

    or do to Lidar what BSM have done to K-band?
  17. SunTzuAOW

    Open Road got me thinking!!

    In a post from another thread Open Road "The reality is one cop in 10,000 would even know what to look for. I park at a local Subway right in front where CHP and local PD stop for lunch there. I've been there a few times when they walked past my car to-from, never noticed. Its not a high...
  18. SunTzuAOW

    When we getting a Uniden section??

  19. SunTzuAOW

    Connection issue or should I say disconnection issues

    Before I start ripping into my install, I hope this can be an easy fix. I have a dual with the bluetooth module, and use an Iphone 6. Got in the car today everything connected as normal, usually 2 or 3 minutes before the car turns blue. My commute last about 45 mins, but in that time my ALP...
  20. SunTzuAOW

    Not only is this a waste, it has to be entrapment!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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