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  1. lageass

    I want Uniden to improve R1 and DFR8

    R1 and DFR8 sells poorly in the United States. I hope to improve them and increase the international market demand. The international version only needs two modifications. K band is extended to 23.900, which can meet the needs of overseas. The arrows of R7 don't work for truck drivers. R1 and...
  2. lageass

    Uniden R8

    I hope it's a radar jammer. The competition between radar and radar detectors has never stopped. Low power, small launch angle, pointing clear radar has emerged, radar detectors can not detect them from a long distance. We need a radar jammer in the future. Because laser jammers exist legally, I...
  3. lageass

    Conception of next generation Uniden radar detector

    1-I recommend that uniden's full-range radar detectors produce an international version with 23.95. Even if you don't consider the international market, you still need it to travel abroad. 2-The conception of the next generation radar detector. It's fragmented. It's a UFO model. Adsorption...
  4. lageass

    An Error Setting for DFR and R

    It's troublesome to turn on the power automatically. I don't want to use radar in most cases. I need to turn off the radar by hand. (2) If the overvoltage is not protected, the truck driver accidentally accesses the 24-volt voltage, which will destroy the radar. These problems do not exist in...
  5. lageass

    PRO SE Version 2.6 can not be upgraded.

    Your Radenso updater is out of date. Please download the latest version at
  6. lageass

    Uniden radar detector supplier please contact me

    I sell radar detector products abroad, I want to find suppliers, Uniden suppliers can contact me, contact me.
  7. lageass

    Uniden's next product proposal

    I want the radar to be separated from the display Radar and display are connected by Bluetooth A display projecting to the front windshield. You can connect to a mobile phone Global data that can be used on Google maps A radar probe with concealed and convenient installation Have front and...
  8. lageass

    I need V1connection for Android

    I can't use Google service in China. I need the latest version of V1connection that I want someone to send to my mailbox
  9. lageass

    I need the V1conncetion for Android

    I'm in China, and I can't use the Google play store

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