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    AL Priority installers in San Diego (or OC/LA if necessary)

    Any recommended installers in San Diego for an AL Priority system? The only dealer listed on ALPs site is La Jolla Audio, which while having a great reputation, wants $1,740 for a 5 head install (no radar) if I buy the kit from them (and no mention of any special fab). Or $2,175 if I supply the...
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    Can I run a Pro M with separate ALP (vs. RC-M + ALP)?

    Just curious if it's possible / would there be any downsides to running a Pro M in conjunction with a separate ALP system as opposed to the RC-M with integrated ALP? The cost difference is just really hard for me to swallow. Obviously, one of the perks of the RC-M with integrated ALP is the...
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    Hi from San Diego

    Hi all! Looking to get a radar detector and laser jammer setup for my 2018 Tesla Model S (which I believe can accept a windshield RD as opposed to older model years). Been eyeing the Radenso Pro M and ALP or RC-M and ALP. Hope to learn a lot here!

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