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RDF Official [RDF] User Banner Grouping (XenForo2 Addon) - Lifetime Subscription 1.0.0

General Information:

This addon is a collaboration between another coder who our community hired to help create this addon - custom for our forum, and myself (making changes/additions to it after he was done with the basics).

This addon allows you to change the way user banners are displayed - grouping them based off of display priority.

-- Example --

Let's say a user is a member of these secondary user groups:

1.) Beginner
2.) Intermediate
3.) Advanced

And let's say you create a user banner group (what this addon allows you to do) titled "Access Levels" - because you only want one user banner displayed even though this member is a part of all three...

So you create the user banner group titled "Access Levels" and add the aforementioned usergroups to it, giving "Beginner" a display priority of 1, "Intermediate" a display priority of 2, and "Advanced" a display priority of 3...

...when a user makes a post, the user banner for the "Access Levels" banner group will only display the user banner for the Advanced entry as it has the highest display priority.

-- / Example / --

Other Details:

1.) The configuration for this addon is found in the XenForo admin panel, under "Users" -> "User customization" -> "User Banner Groups" - see the screenshots below for details regarding this.
2.) The higher the display priority number is set to, the higher the banner will appear on the user's postbit/profile/etc.
3.) You can configure the order/priority of the individual user banners, as well as the user banner groups - both are done by changing the display priority setting - again, the higher the number, the higher the priority is (highest priority banners appear at the top).
4.) This addon is completely separate from the XenForo user banner system - purposely. This way you can use either the native XenForo user banner system exclusively, this addon's user banner system exclusively (the way most places who use this addon will operate), or both. This is done to provide you with the most amount of customization possible! So basically, if decide to use this addon, be sure to uncheck/hide the user banners displayed by various user groups in the native XenForo settings.

I will provide you guys with as much support as possible and am open to suggestions on making this addon better - simply make a post with your suggestions and I'll consider it.

Here are some screenshots from the admin area:





And here is what it looks like when in action:


Let me know if you have any questions/comments/suggestions!
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