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    ALP Bug - weak GPS sensor

    Personally think the GPS requirement is BS but as a aggrieved workaround could one not just create a profile with GPS and the TX sensor port disabled utilizing only RX head ports as a bare minimum? I'm in the high latitudes and have certainly noticed a delay on my ALP as compared to my Garmin...
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    I know it's early to ask but..

    I've waited for Black Friday/Cyber Monday twice in the past and nothing either time! I wouldn't bank on it.
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    R1/R3 v1.50 Firmware Released

    Thank you Uniden for doing this!!! I wasn't out for long today but I did not have a single false alert. It was Music to my ears!
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    Will R3/R1 get K block Filter like R7?

    "I'll get the occasional punch through on the 24.16X region." Is that not to be expected currently!? The K Block does not cover this, even on the R7.
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    RDFGS for Canada

    Didn't know Calgary had motorcycle cops till today. Saw him with a customer on Deerfoot Southbound close to about the Anderson Interchange.
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    Uniden R1/R3 Next Firmware

    I think what is annoying most of us R3 users is that we're generally happy with the current Firmware with the exception of not yet having the K-Block or at very least lowering the high point of K-Narrow. This could be the only change to the next firmware and you shut most of us up. The BSM's in...
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    Blinder Support and continuation

    Well aware of the limitation. Was just trying to make the point that more can often be got out of something. I'm not sure there are too many people that would run a V1 with just stock firmware. I know such a business model wouldn't work for companies that are actively progressing and bringing...
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    Blinder Support and continuation

    The V1 keeps on selling because there is an open source app that keeps it relevant. Companies that do not have the resources to progress their product should simply open source their firmware, at least they'll be able to keep selling the hardware or at least get the very best out of it even if...
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    Vibe Car Audio Open House w/ Dragon Eye compact on site!

    A big shout out to @VibeCarAudio for hosting today and the use of their Dragon! Certainly a very neat shop! Their staff were very enthusiastic and extremely accommodating. That Merc CLS TX install was even more impressive in person! It was great meeting all the RDF members today, some of us...
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    Vibe Car Audio Open House w/ Dragon Eye compact on site!

    Bring on Saturday! Looking forward to seeing what Vibe has on offer, Meeting some of the RDF guys and obviously a little testing (my first time). What time is everyone headed up? There for 11am? On the testing note I guess I should make a Testing Profile with unlimited Jamming....
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    Known K useage in Western Provinces

    I've been running my R3 in Vertical Orientation within Calgary city limits only in the hope of improving my Redflex (K-Band) detection. Advanced 70% on K. With the Redflex being from the rear as opposed to front on I have noticed the following: 1. Marginal Improvement in rear Redflex...
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    R7 No Laser Alert

    Denial - A river in Egypt!? :p Let's not get another thread shut down.....
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    Vibe Car Audio Open House w/ Dragon Eye compact on site!

    Does Vibe Car Audio do Perspex Covers at all? The kind that would cover an ALP Sensor, protecting it and making it more stealth?
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    Redflex and R3 1.46 in Calgary

    I meant a little more specific, aka what street.... I find the same units tend to stay in the the same/areas places of the city....
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    Redflex and R3 1.46 in Calgary

    24.074 - Well Danggggg! Any chance you recall where in the city that was....?