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    M360 - Randomly Sleeping

    I haven't run my 360 in quite some time except for testing. So don't know whether mine does this or not with the latest fw. But it is certainly concerning.
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    What happened to Bell

    Still have a WB and a Packaged LNA Magnum, Vector 955 and Vector 940. Still miss those Bel tones, too.
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    Consider it a blessing... ;)
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    M360 - Randomly Sleeping

    Is this only when using EL?
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    Transition Successful!

    Many thanks to all who made this happen so quickly and so smoothly!
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    @CJR238 - thanks for the good things you did for the Community.
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    R7 vs. Original Redline?

    The R7 is more sensitive than the Redline-O. But you will only see that difference occasionally.
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    R7 Random Reboot, GPS Error

    I'd be inclined to send it in to Uniden for a warranty repair/replacement. I don't have any issues like that with mine.
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    Is this typical R3 performance? (Video inside)

    That was some tough terrain and foliage, was considerably off-axis before the alert, and it was 35.5 to boot. I'd say that's probably pretty normal, but some of our NE-living members could probably chime in here. I wouldn't worry about trying to get your Ka sweep any faster than it is.
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    R3 Completely Dead After Constant False Laser

    Perhaps @UnidenSupport can help you.
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    Comparison wanted - R3 (1.37) vs R7 (current) - K band reactivity speed

    I'm on vacation right now and don't have all my equipment. But if you can wait... ;)
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    R7 Arrows the best?

    I"m not sure I'd call them the best, but I agree with you about using your brains to figure out what is happening when the arrows bounce. Not sure you can have a detector with horns this sensitive and not get some of that. So it's a tradeoff. I still think I'd like a smidge more bias towards...
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    Is anyone with a V1 seeing Honda BSM at 24.160?

    I'm not trying to be dismissive, but I am saying your experience does not jive with mine. So I have a hard time agreeing with it. And that's what I'm stating. Didn't say you are wrong. Said my experience has been different, and posted both video and JBV1 evidence to the contrary.
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    Is anyone with a V1 seeing Honda BSM at 24.160?

    @BlueV1 - You need a dashcam. And my experience is that TMF2 doesn't work to block these Pilots. Posted above with dashcam footage and JBV1 log. Remember, the LX version of the new Pilots does NOT have Honda BSI. Maybe you were behind one of them. And turning off TMF2 could bring in all...