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  • Nine,C1,
    Just curious what dashcam are you using? Is it a GoPro?
    I'm looking to purchase one, but not sure if I want to go with a GoPro Silver or black or just use my iPhone 5?
    Have you posted your custom sweeps for the V1 Connection anywhere? I couldn't find them except in your last video.
    I'm pretty sure there are a number of custom sweep sets being used by our most experienced members.
    So you think we could have a "sticky" with the latest custom sweep sets by only our most experienced and talented members, like yourself and a very few others?

    The X50 S7 is a very good detector, but it still has the typical sluggish response due to the RDR filtering always running. I'd try calling Escort and ask about the Refurbished RX65........they may have a few not advertised on e-Bay yet. I know they have them but they do the refurbs in batch runs and it might be a few weeks before they make another run of RX65s.
    Great post - I fell the same and have done the same with my detector history!. DO I wait for more bel rx65 refurbs or buy the 8500x50 refurb now? Thanks
    The V1 didn't last long..........I ended up sending it back and ordered another RedLine from Escort with the EscortLive cord. The Valentine performed well but I cannot get over the occasional fails it has at times to provide adequate range to off-axis or Forward Facing signals on that Front horn. Running it with Ka Guard OFF would surely remedy the problem, but the amount of Ka falsing becomes intolerable.

    Actually, there was an STi-Magnum between the V1 and RedLine order, but I was not WOW'd by the Ka performance of the Magnum. It may have had an issue since it appeared be more sensitive when running warm and very near sighted in the early morning before getting heated up.

    Still can't seem to find anything as consistent as the old RX65(S7) running in USA mode.
    Nine how are you feeling on the V1 vs the S7 now after owning both for a while?

    I just sold my M4 for $180 bucks. Very happy about it even though it was a good detector. I'm trying to decide on buying an S7 or a redline once it gets the update.
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