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    2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara Install?

    3 ALP's on this rig and you will be good to go ! 1st----4th---last slot middle, straight across and you will be golden. Very easy to make this JTG all day long
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    Laser hammer testing on Longisland?

    Lets see a picture of the install on the truck
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    Not happy with my ALP install

    Yep get your money back---The bubbles are even not even the same, one in and the other out. WOW these guys SUCK bad
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    GT500 and Yukon Denali

    So you end up with 2tx/rcv and 2tx on the front?
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    R3 Power Connector Draining Battery???

    It should not draw enough to drain your battery---the R3 has an auto cut off I think in the settings!
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    Full or empty tank for 0-60 run? e85?

    Yea has this race been done yet in Mexico?
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    Ticket... MD..... 100mph+..... Laser..... State Police

    ALP Hands down the best out there, go with 2-Reg heads and 1-TX front and rear, $$$$$$ well spent! And DO NOT turn off your RD, you have a R3 right? use it!! When you get the ALP's post up a picture, front and rear of your car and well help with correct placement :)
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    GT500 and Yukon Denali

    Mustang seems ok, but the Denali put the TX above the GMC logo!
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    Radenso Video: What is a SDR and why does it matter for Radenso Theia?

    And its FRIDAY, Theia Friday :)
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    GR Supra TMG or ALP

    Def 3 then--if he can set the ALP TX on top of the plate, that may be the 21 inches he needs--He would be solid!!
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    GR Supra TMG or ALP

    I think this would work well with 3 ALP's up front--If no dragons then probably 2
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    TMG install on a GT350

    Yep go ALP if you face the dragons--Period!! Spend the extra and dont look back---
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    Radenso Video: What is a SDR and why does it matter for Radenso Theia?

    7+:20bux::20bux::20bux::20bux::20bux:-- Just take it already lol