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    You know what Chris **** you. All I ever did was try and provide a go between the forum and the manufacturer and you come on here with your conspiracy "you shifted" bullshit. Life is too short as I have learned for silly crap like your spewing. I never setup any bank accounts nor did I have ANY...
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    Shifting my ass I never had any control or insight into any "financials" Chris. Never. Dont go there.
  3. The Only Sarge is a dead link

    Well @thanks no **** on my shoes. All I ever wanted was transparency and honesty. I tried to "leave" honestly but will not let bullshit go unanswered. I still believe TMG is a great opportunity....great engineers.....but obviously a problem here in the States. DogPile all you want but I did the...
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    I said a looooooong time ago if I smelled one bit of bullshit I would scream like a 12 yea old girl. I feel like I have been used here......and I dont like it. I worked my ass off for literally crap....and that is OK.....but dont come on here lying. I'm pissed.
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    Good luck TMG

    Thanks man...that means a lot to me. For the record I will not put up with lying/misrepresentation to this forum. I dont care what it cost me personally. I will not stand for it. Period. I busted my ass to be transparent and a stand up guy on this project. Folks needing to pay their bills is no...
  6. The Only Sarge is a dead link

    That is a bald face lie.;
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    I killed it. Not spending anymore of my money or time for folks who bullshit and lie. "We" shut it down is bullshit. Dont go there ....I am armed for bear. Just tell the truth. You guys cut off me seeing any and all financials....sales.....returns....all of it. I was left in the dark......but...
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    Never steal packages off an engineers porch.

    Duh dah doo dah.......wait.....wwwuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttt tttthhhhhaaaa fffffffffffffffffffffffffoooooccccccccccccckkkkkkk LOL
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    Good luck TMG

    It's your fault :)
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    Good luck TMG

    I already got screen shots :)
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    I’m Hit, I’M HIT!

    I just wash the heads like I wash the car..... no special treatment here. I have never had an issue at all.
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    Just Curious - running Escort LIVE and Waze at same time

    Just curious of what benefit you see from running both at the same time?
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    Ka falsing due to BSM

    Yes I have seen it in that range. Tons of 33.4 crap out there. Weather reporting equipment/cattle/pet locator collars ....just on and on. So who knows? If you go to the FCC website they give you some examples of what you can find on that frequency.....33.4 that is :) satellite communications...
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    Good luck TMG

    Team.... I enjoyed this project. Tons of hours invested in it. Had fun. Learned a bunch! I wish TMG well. Hope they get what needs done taken care of......but I will not be involved from here on out. I'm not going anywhere but will not represent/support TMG on this forum nor anywhere else. Just...

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