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    So what city, state or other do you refuse to speed? And why?

    I drive slow in and near 1) ACTIVE work zones where there are people working not just a construction site 2) near a school 3) near a park that has a lot of kids crossing the street 4) when I am in a built up area 5) Commonwealth of Virginia over 80 mph even in a 70 mph zone is a criminal offence
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    Deer Whistles

    Are deer whistles snake oil? What about the electronics ones?
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    I was thinking about installing this on my car with all WHITE NO flashing lights on my car. I do a lot of driving at night on country roads (I took a job working night shift) I do not want to mount a large LED light bar on the outside of my car but want some more light...
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    I was driving over the Commodore Barry Bridge bridge into Philly the other day and I saw the bride police running radar on the PA side of the bridge. I know under PA law only the PA State Police can run radar Title 75 § 3368 C 2. Is the bridge police running radar legal or do they need to...
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    N.J. Study Reveals Need For Higher Speed Limits

    I drove 55 mph on northern part of the NJTP to explain to my mother that driving the speed limit is dangerous turns out NO one drives at that speed
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    ALP bracket on Blinder HP 905

    Does anyone know if the ALP bracket will work with Blinder heads? I want to reinstall my blinder heads and don't know how far they need to stick out. Ive tested them at ~30 feet with my old stalker lidar gun and it jams the entire grill no problem. One of the brackets I made out of scrap medal...
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    Mitsubishi Lancer 14 Fuse and Bluetooth not working.

    I have a 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer. I have the OEM touch screen radio with out Nav. Recently the Bluetooth buttons on the steering wheel and the USB port stopped working. I can not get power off the USB port. In the menu, I can not connect another phone or disconnect my phone. Is there any...
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    LED tail lights and rain = laser false

    i just turn laser off and let my LJ take care of that for me to minimize false allerts
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    articles for paper

    I am writing a paper for college on why speed limits on limited access highways should be raised. In particular I would like to have some information on razing the speed limit on the New Jersey Turnpike.This is for a Urban Planning class I am taking so the resources need to be good. I have found...
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    R1 Laser False Ram 1500 or 2500

    I just turn off laser because my jammers take care if that for me and I get few classes on the HP 905 Posted from my Nexus 5X using the RDF Mobile App!
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    Uniden Smart Direct Wire Cord Availability

    Here is a photo
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    Laser, Ka, X then K band prioprity

    It is possible to have Laser, Ka, X then K band prioprity in that order on my Max 1. I get a lot of false K band but lots of X band. I live in South Jersey.
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    Change band priority to Laser, Ka, X, K.

    it is possible to change band priority to Laser, Ka, X, K on a Max 1. I live in South New Jersey and I run into mostly X band and some Ka Band. I very rarely run into K band is that is real other then speed sign.
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    False Alerts

    How can I minimize false alerts with my HP905. The two past weeks ive gotten so many i dont know why. Also what are the recommend settings in the blinder software. Maybe next Christmas I upgrade my Jammers? However I live in NJ so Ive never been hit by dragon eye Ka and X mostly.
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    IR Photo Jammer

    is there a way to jam photo radar/red light cams with IR light and if so where can I get some IR bulbs (194 ) to install in my OEM licenses plate light housing and get some IR lights the kind cops have in the grill for the front licenses plate or something else that is discrete that will also...