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    Extend the warranty.

    Why wouldn’t they extend that to all V1 Gen2 units sold prior to June 1st? Those are the ones that probably need it the most and bought during the peak of COVID-19 crisis.
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    V1G2 Mute Question - with a bit of V1Driver

    You can count them any way you like. It’s somewhat apples and oranges. V1 G2 allows the user to set 6 muted levels (analog control on G1) as well as silence. And an option of Audible or not on Bogey Counter changes. And K-mute on G1 (Logic mode on G2) also is somewhat part of the mix of what...
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    V1G2 Mute Question - with a bit of V1Driver

    Muted Volume can be any level you want by adjusting Muted Volume. You can also have it silent by disabling Mute to Muted Volume in V 1Connection app. I think they renamed or removed one other option I don’t see or recall the exact name. But it affected the bogey counter tone level (which you...
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    Bluetooth reconnecting problem with V1Driver

    You didn’t turn V1Driver off correctly. You permanently excluded it. On Bluetooth setting page turn all the Dongles on with the long ugly numbers in front. Or swipe them to delete them. if all else fails reset V1Driver to factory settings. It will not delete your pins. DO NOT REINSTALL.Or you...
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    V1 Driver - New to me, have a question

    Same exact risk. And don’t confuse sensitivity with response time. With I/O, 500ms can be an eternity. And that can be a problem even if it’s a short “range” encounter. Some folks go to far to make a great detector “quiet” and turn it into a mediocre detector.
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    Speed limit sensitive muting?

    It is possible but it doesn't offer it. Partly because those speed limits can be wrong and don't account for construction reduced speed limits, weather etc. I also still like to know if a real LEO is around even if I'm driving the speed limit. You can set automute/autosnooze fairly short and...
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    V1 Driver - New to me, have a question

    See my post above. By going that route you add lag to ALL alerts and if by chance something does go wrong with audio to the radio, which is rare, you are hosed. Since Little L with V1Driver works so well (95% of the time) it is not necessary. This is my "Fail Safe" mentality. If anything goes...
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    V1 Driver - New to me, have a question

    This is risky advice and I don't recommend it, and is rarely needed (typically only motorcycles need to do this). If you run in little L with Mute Volume set very low (or zero) 95% of the time you won't get an initial beep (once everything is learned). When running in little L, V1Driver will...
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    Other Moron Passes A LEO Over Double Yellow

    I think he was trying to park on the left and eventually did. Never saw LEO near him after he parked.
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    First Drive With V1 Driver and V1 Gen 2

    No, iOS does not allow that for security reasons. It has to be initiated by the user, you can tap the notification and it will pop the app up. You have a smart wife ;) Mine complains too.
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    All Quiet on ERF

    They haven’t released a in a new color in over 3 months. What do you expect?
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    Question on V1Driver

    If I do need to know frequency, which I rarely do, I just look at my watch :) I rely on the Voice 99% of the time. But you can get Notifications with frequency on the iPhone as well.
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    Question on V1Driver

    You are correct you have something turned off if V1Driver is not auto connecting. You must have Location -> ALWAYS and Background App Refresh -> Enabled. iOS is pretty adamant these days about warning you about apps that run location ALWAYS and Background App Refresh and if you want to continue...
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    Update on V1Driver for V1-Gen2 (and Gen2)

    I just looked it doesn’t say bug fixes. We are talking about Apple App Store, right?
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    Update on V1Driver for V1-Gen2 (and Gen2)

    It’s in the App Store. Read “what’s new”.