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    1.7.2 released

    Hey, thanks!
  2. Matthewstorm

    1.7.2 released

    I still can’t find this option. I have no idea what RG means.
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    JBV1 T-Shirts!

    Yo! I'm in. Hook a brother up!
  4. Matthewstorm

    Next Generation Valentine Product Discussion. (Not Patent Related)

    I've never suffered for range in NC with V1 and JBV1. Saved my ass many times. With JBV1 I get alerted to a Trooper first then the RD goes off. I always have plenty of warning.
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    1.7.1 released

    I had to send it back to RED and they replaced it with a carrier free version. I got lucky. So, after 10 hours and about 8 restarts everything works normally. No idea what the SNAFU was about. Two thumbs up!
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    1.7.1 released

    Using a new RED. Unbranded non carrier. Had zero issues till new update. Rebooted twice. Unfortunately, app is unusable in present state. Thanks for your help.
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    1.7.1 released

    Big Problems: Display will not go dark. Stays full bright. App will no longer auto connect. App constantly in loud voice V1 ALERT DATA TIMEOUT V1 ALERT DATA TIMEOUT over and over and over. I have to force quit to make it stop. TMG no longer connects. App no longer says JBV1 connected but the...
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    TMG a-15 August Sale & Product Update

    Please let us know if we should replace our heads.
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    How much would you pay for a new V1?

    Not joking. I spoke about this in a thread I created a while ago. New faceplate and internals.
  10. Matthewstorm

    How much would you pay for a new V1?

    I called Valentine again and the woman, who was different this time, sounded very young, confirmed new components and new face plate. Said they're really hoping for August. Wait, I mean September, no no it was definitely October.
  11. Matthewstorm

    DragonEye Head

    Sorry, does that mean these are the new heads?
  12. Matthewstorm

    1.6.2 released

    With the small weather map, all alerts cover it. They both blend together. Is it possible to move the location of either? Also, I've been getting a RLC Alert along Rt. 902 in Chatham County miles away from any traffic light. Thanks.
  13. Matthewstorm

    1.6.1 released

    Where's this weather thing in the corner of which you speak? How do I enable?
  14. Matthewstorm

    Looking at July for v1s now.

    No GPS, possible MRCD.

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