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    Top of the line car alarm recommendations

    as others have said, viper is best! i would buy online and then bring it to a shop. You should also do some research and double check that you don’t need any special parts for it to work effectively in your model car. Car alarms can be funny car to car and may need different pieces especially...
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    Which manufacturer's alert tone do you like best in a radar detector?

    the v1 has the all time most badass ka alert imo
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    Uniden r7 NYC

    I took off band seg, too many reports of out of tune leo. i think i run ka wide...? not sure id have to check but i dont get too many false alerts. you gotta watch out for hp, local leo, and staties which are now in the city
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    Lidar NYPD Shooting PL3

    This video is alarming, he was not highway patrol, his vehicle said he worked for the 26 precint. What are they doing with that?!?
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    Max 360 ci Disappointing Range

    Lol they installed his radar like a car alarm
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    Dragoneye in NYC confirmed

    Interesting, that’s definitely a hot spot, ive seen them using lidar there a ton going back 10-15 years ago! that’s exactly where i first discovered them using the XLR, so your sighting seems to be on point.
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    What’s the overall view for the laser jammer industry and where is it headed

    btw, In response to some posts, parking sensors do not give you the ability to speed. that depends on the car and driver. also, they also do not “complete” your setup. your brain is still # 1. with that said, as someone who has been driving with them for over 5 years, once you get an i/o hit...
  8. TeamQuack V1connection LE for iOS & my Saavy!!!

    I was thinking that too, if its old just called VR, and they will upgrade it for free. I had to have that done on mine, good luck!
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    Max 360 ci Disappointing Range

    This is why i trust andrew, 3 car’s in, ive seen people put thousands in the garbage to look pretty and be useless. its better to have someone who’s not a store imo (assuming you can find someone skilled)
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    Quality problems or Bad Luck?

    Turn the brightness all the way up, to bright mode, i think it does that in dim mode.
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    NYPD shoots from rear?

    Also you’ll find XLR and PL4 (as the OP identified in the pic) out there as well.
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    Any differences in Bushnell models?

    If anyone spots any black friday deals on this gun please post here! I would like to pick one up myself.
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    Saw these on the NYS Thruway....

    They are IR camera’s (nightvision) so they set off the laser alert. I was getting these alerts from DOT traffic cameras in NYC over 10 years ago. they just expanded it to the Thruway and placed the cameras at an angle to read lp’s. no speed, just lp tracking i think...
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    Uniden R3 not detecting some speed signs.

    Seems logical, but its not, some of them use different frequencies.
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    New VIOFO Dash Cams: A129 Pro 4K / A119 V3

    my car got hit a few days after i got mine in the mail so i havent had a chance to install it yet, but i will this week when i get it back and post some videos by this weekend hopefully.