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    Radar R7 k-band i/o arrow fail

    After using the v1 for over 10 years, ive never seen it do that, i feel like VR lab tests for specific situations where the detector may go bonkers and program it in a way to interpret the signal correctly. Perhaps in the age of digital detection, this may be much more of a challenge but i think...
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    Radar Uniden R7 Two-Mile Detection

    nice to see a long range detection on 33.8!
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    So I bought an Uniden R7

    Be sure to update and program correctly before you dive in!
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    R7 - Beast Mode Ka 34.7

    long range, i saw it on waze, before i got the alert New Windsor PD Ka 34.7 running c/o of course!
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    meet TeamQuack affiliates

    lol they are so bold they give no f****
  6. TeamQuack

    meet TeamQuack affiliates

    haha, i loved every moment of this :dance: if you need something to relax too, this is it lol
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    Epstein dead by suicide

    This was supposedly impossible, the sheets tear like paper and there was no where to hang anything, from a former inmate:
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    Epstein dead by suicide

    he def paid prison guard(s) off for suicide assistance
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    Other Douche in Durango RT tries to block / push me of the road while passing

    He never saw you, the moment he looked back to check, you were in his blindspot.
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    For 5G, AT&T and T-Mobile buy $1.8 billion worth of 24GHz spectrum across US

    ive gotten their trial 5G system in nyc (at&t) and it works pretty well. I honestly cant tell the difference between it and a good LTE connection. i have noticed my streams in those areas are top resolution.
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    Amazon has the R7 for $499.99

    My r7 runs on beast mode, i wouldn’t hesitate. i took a trip from nyc to ri and it certainly delivered. Its 540 with taxes, from brd 599 flat taxes included, and 640 from bb with taxes. worth every penny imo! i would ask brd if he has any returns or broken box units for cheaper as another...
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    Other Angry biker cuts me off then shows me the finger while I keep my horn on

    thats when i would have double tapped and dropped 2 gears on his ass with the paddle shifters and let the horses fly by. from the clip you showed pretty good restraint.
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    Distracted Driver Runs a Red Light

    they need to invest in a red light camera system for real, thats billions right there lol
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    Distracted Driver Runs a Red Light

    i like your honk job, trying to alert the driver and i assume, inadvertently, warned the cyclist
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    Uniden R7 Build quality are you satisfied or feel its a bit flimsy

    as far as build quality, only time will tell how well this thing holds’s only been a few months so theres no real way to judge its longevity

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