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    New member, long time RD user

    Welcome aboard, 30 plus years of RD use in a banned region is heady stuff. Mot of us have never had to manage that. Glad to have you here. Post your observations and tactics use in your area.
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    jenoptik #2 + ALP

    Awesome post!! What a brutal tactic. Australia today.. US tomorrow.
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    Unmarked Hyundai NC Raleigh Area

    North Carolina has had a rep for such tactics for awhile. It was my understanding they only deploy for special operations but who knows. Many of these South Eastern states have lost control of their police departments. Some on here might remember but many many years ago there was a underground...
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    Proud new owner of an R7!

    rad RD and a rad car
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    This is why you don't let people "try new stuff" on your car

    Maybe an undercover cop snuck into the shop and wanted to sabotage your install?
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    Not happy with my ALP install

    True but in my experience when something that far off there's something else going on. Like a summer hire was brought in and the work got released without being looked over. If you don't enforce good QC at a shop you can get egg on your face quick. Interesting note, South Beach wheel and tire...
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    What Could Possibly Go Wrong . . .

    yeah, that's what the Michelin Pro Pilot Sports are for.
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    Not happy with my ALP install

    Try not to get emotional about it. Stroll in with a punch list of fixes and explain your position. It's when the jack it up the second time you break out the artillery. It's certainly a horror show of an install. Especially at that price point, I mean even if it was free it would be too expensive.
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    CHP Nabs Speeder on CA-85

    Crap, that was quite a long chase down. I wonder what the cops closing speed was?
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    Atlanta Police Department Dragon Nest

    Epic find, fantastic spotting. How did you get such a clear shot?
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    Other LLH doesn't like getting passed

    Well, there is a Toyota Corolla that comes in a manual. But in all seriousness I'd probably take the ATM V8 over an MT I4. Power solves a lot of problems.
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    Other Tire makes a break for freedom on highway.

    Seems like you'd keep a bag of em in assorted sizes in a "just in case tote". We did that in our field bag for aviation fasteners, bolts, nuts, and screws. Just in case you were in the north forty and needed a fastener.
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    Other LLH doesn't like getting passed

    Yeah, but it's an auto... jus sayin... shift your own gears