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    C8 Corvette details released.

    Then you give it all up on resale lol
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    New to radar detectors

    Welcome aboard, whatever you purchase be sure to come back and share your experiences.
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    Hello from Seattle.

    Welcome aboard, please share your experiences and observations
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    Ambiguous post.

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    Ambiguous post.

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    Uniden R7 hardwire install RS3

    @RSOLO this appears to be the solution to your problem.
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    Uniden R7 hardwire install RS3

    Finally got around to hard wiring @RSOLO's Uniden R7 on his RS3. Total install time was about an hour mostly because I kept screwing around with the ground placement. We also selected the Uniden hardwire kit with the remote mute. Power was pulled off F25 which is the power windows fuse...
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    Yet Another Corrupt Cop

    They call it "Activity Goals" real clever
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    Possible Incorrect Reading

    Depending on the brand of radar you could get different results. Stalker's strongest/fastest tech is pretty solid. But you still have to interpret the speed readings based on what your seeing. So there's lots of room for interpretation error.
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    But would you REALLY not stop for that car?

    It was our Assistant Police Chief Vicky King that thought up the idea. And unmarked cars are deployed in Texas but generally in special operations and usually have marked backup. Same thing in Louisiana where I had my incident. And of course they know it's bullchit that's why they don't charge...
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    Can CHP cross state lines?

    Might depend on the violation and whats involved. I fumbled right over a Stealth Sugar Land Charger one way way out of Sugar Land and he punched his lights on tailed me for a second then broke off after I slowed. He would have been in the middle of Houston which is HPDs purview. 1568928043...
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    Who here is selling their M3 Sedan Conversion?

    I know one thing, that's a serious brake upgrade.
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    Welcome aboard, anyone else find it hilarious this username wasn't taken already?
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    Who here is selling their M3 Sedan Conversion?

    Like I always say, if it ain't Baroque, don't fix it.