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    Low/No sound output from R1 jack

    I’m going to have to look at this again too. I run a redline on my bike, tried using the r3 on the bike with the powered escort speaker and just barely got any sound. Good to know it’s just a plug issue.
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    At what point is a car TOO slow

    My ex wife had the 2015 2.0l ecoboost escape titanium, that was a nice vehicle.
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    At what point is a car TOO slow

    So we were out looking at vehicles this weekend. The target started off as a vehicle like the subaru crosstrek, cx5, rogue, equinox, CH-R, etc. The girl I'm helping with this has been driving a scion (0-60 7.0 sec) or my 328i (0-60 5.4 sec) so it didn't come as much surprise that when she...
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    calling those with windshield tint

    Got the windshield done today. 50% with the top strip 5%. Rest of the car is already 5. Blocks a lot of heat. Hard to see in sometimes but practically clear in bright sunlight. Can’t even tell it’s there from inside
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    calling those with windshield tint

    thanks for the input guys. sounds like i'm going to like it. As for the comment about the windshield geometry, here's a pic of what it looks like right now. its a pretty small windshield and the strip comes down a pretty good ways so i'm guessing it will look plenty dark while still being safe...
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    calling those with windshield tint

    So on the 328 (black car w/ black interior), I have 5% ceramic tint on the side windows and at the top of the windshield. i have a window that has to be re-tinted so I already have an appt in a few weeks with the tint shop. I am planning on tinting the entire front windshield 50% with a 5% brow...
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    R7 mute bug?

    Sorry if I missed this in another thread. Searching on tapatalk is a PITA. When I get an alert on the r7 and try to mute it, it only works about half the time. If I mute before or after the voice announcement it works fine but if I hit mute during the voice part of the alert, it doesn’t mute and...
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    BMW Runflat tires vs. non RFT & plug kit vs. non RFT & spare?

    Thanks for the input guys! I just ordered a set of non runflats. Continental extreme contact dws06 to be exact. I had the same tires on my Maxima and loved them. I’m just going to keep a compressor and a plug kit for the time being but I am going to keep the best looking one of my old runflats...
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    BMW Runflat tires vs. non RFT & plug kit vs. non RFT & spare?

    So My 2013 328i is going to need a set of tires soon. It currently has the bridgestone driveguard runflat tires. These tires are noisy and could handle better so I am thinking of doing away with them. I am planning to go with the continental extremecontact DWS06. I have two options since these...
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    Are fears justified buying 10yr old bmw 6 cyl turbocharged 3 series?

    Hope you don’t have to put a turbo on it ever. My 2013 328i sport with 100k on the n26 is in the shop for a $3k turbo replacement as we speak. Not cool lol.
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    How to Jam HikVision Anti-Texting & No Seat Belt ANPR System?

    I already have 5% ceramic tint on all of my windows and the top foot of the windshield. If these were around me I would be adding 35% Ceramic to the entire windshield for sure to see if that would do it. Of course I’ve been thinking of doing this anyways [emoji13]
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    Are the Uniden Remote Mute/ Hardwire kits worth it?

    The one I installed in my truck a year ago has so far had a broken fuse holder and now the mute button is stuck in. I’m now just living with it like I would have bought the cheap universal hardwire kit.
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    TMG- Impala triple head placement !!

    This was my 9500ci with LSPs on my old impala. It was JTG on legacy guns with heads as shown but probably would have gone with the upper grill if the VPR guns were around at the time.
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    Beware of twist together/glass fuse direct wire cords.

    I typically do this as well but I figured since the truck had a specific connection point from the RAP circuit for the connection of aftermarket or after thought gm add ons, I’d just use that. I figured it was protected off of an accessory fuse. Lol apparently not.
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    Beware of twist together/glass fuse direct wire cords.

    So I’ve used direct wire cords for many years and have never had an issue so this is probably a fluke thing but it’s enough to make me switch to the blade style fuse holders from now on. I installed a uniden direct wire cord in my truck 6-8 months ago. I apparently hit a bump hard enough to...