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    ALP randomly turning off....

    So over the past few weeks I have noticed that every once in a while I will look down and the control pad will be dark but if I reach down and press the power button it comes on like normal. I was just curious if there is any reason that this would be happening or if anyone else is seeing the...
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    It should be interesting to see how many think arrows are worth 600.00

    I’d jump on a preorder list if there was such a list [emoji849]
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    Offical Cobra Aim Fail Thread

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    Passing in a 55, around the curve 34.7 R3 save

    PSL is 55, video pretty well speaks for itself.
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    Help me pick a new SUV to replace my Miata

    I dated a girl for a while who had a low mile Santa Fe that was a 2016-17 I believe and she’s had nothing but problems with the engine, transmission, emissions, etc. personally I’d stay away from any Jeep for past experiences with a patriot that my ex wife had. I tend to like gm and nissans the...
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    Hello from Kentucky

    Welcome fellow Kentuckian!
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    Black eyed peas

    Cracker Barrel style lol
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    Uniden R3 vs C/O K band around the curve

    I guess he was looking for people 15 or more over I’m not sure how fast the truck was going. Maybe 10 over?
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    Uniden R3 vs C/O K band around the curve

    This is a save from this morning. PSL is 45 and i usually exit that curve and set the cruise on 55 or 60. R3 is on FW1.37, k wide, filter on, tsf off, and k band on 100%.
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    Uniden’s customer service

    So I’ve so far sent two r3s back for repair. One was in warranty and less than a week old, the other was over a year old and out of warranty. Each time I have received back a different unit that was obviously used by someone else and once I received back a cord that was stretched almost straight...
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    Stalkers drift farther than we think no they do.......

    If I can ever catch this guy away from his car I’ll try to take a look at the rear antenna and see if it’s a stalker or not. I’ve driven behind him but haven’t even been able to catch him parked where I could walk up to his cruiser.
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    Stalkers drift farther than we think no they do.......

    In this world anything is possible but when every other ksp cruiser is running the stalker 2x I don’t see why he would.
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    Stalkers drift farther than we think no they do.......

    Saw him again. Front antenna always reads around 34.7 and as I pass him it changes to this and holds there until he is out of range. I am honestly surprised to see that this unit has been this far off for this long and something hasn’t failed. I haven’t confirmed something on all of these...
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    How often do you change bedding?

    Every other week or after each tinder date, whichever comes first [emoji23]
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    Pulled over 2nd time with Uniden R1..

    It does happen though. I bought two r3s, one about 6 months after release, it failed to detect anything right out of the box. The other was bought on the original preorder and one of the first 100 serial numbers, it failed about a month ago and is currently with uniden for repair. This one...