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    Max360C updated to 1.9

    Thanks, I use only K band and laser on, no Escort life, in this case 1.6 is a better option for me. I don't receive laser falses with 1.9 firmware, only some K falses.
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    Max360C updated to 1.9

    The firmware 1.6 has some advantages over the version 1.9 ?
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    Hello from Romania

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Need a good K band detector

    Way not a V1 with Junk-K version? Personally this will be my first option. Second choice would be Uniden R3.
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    Recommendation:V1 used with last version for Junk-K Fighter OR R3(R1) ?

    Hello all! I need an advice between an used Valentine V1 + Bluetooth combo + phone (android) or Uniden R3(1). Below are my answers for standard questions : 1. What kind of vehicle you have and do you want a remote or a windshield mount? Standard windshield , no need remote detector. 2. What's...
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    Radenso Pro on sale!

    Hügel66 for EU model Genevo One S the price is 549€ ~ 600$. In the future will be some price cut on EU versions ? At this point the price is very unattractive.
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    TXCTG Waco Radar Detector Testing 10-25-2015

    This is not surprising because the horn and the electronic board is not changed so much from previous max. They added only a rear antenna. In fact here is nothing new. The size of 360 should allow an new design of antenna. A lot of unused empty space is here.
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    Radenso vs Uniden

    In my opinion the most important advantage is : Uniden has the advantage of better "hardware" over Radenso. On the other part Radenso is doing better on "software" part.
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    Patent Update - Display

    I hope that "the evolution" will include the possibility to make upgrade to firmware from pc/home.
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    What's the most popular radar detector around your town where you live

    Here mostly Cobra , Whistlers some Beltronics (RX65/9XX) rarely V1 or Escorts.
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    New Radar Detector Coming: Radenso Pro

    I repeat the question : the K band detection is improved with new firmware? Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
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    New Radar Detector Coming: Radenso Pro

    But in K band sensitivity is improved ? Is really important how sensitive is on K band also.
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    Uniden LRD750 & LRD450 Performance

    The 950 will be a better choice. Horn of 950 is larger than 750. The receiver is different. Maybe the interpretation of signal is better
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    New Radar Detector Coming: Radenso Pro

    If they improve K-band detection I will be a big fan of this detector.
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    New Radar Detector Coming: Radenso Pro

    I had same question. Why is not used the platform of LRD950, bigger horn, bigger receiver on PRO version. For 399$ price for Radenso PRO will be a valid option. You used LRD750-LRD450 base kit (100$) + gps module that will arrived at your price 399$. I saw some impressive result on K band...