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    Pros and Cons of Exotic Ownership

    Would my GTR be classified as an exotic?
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    Unboxing the Stinger fiber jammers

    Did I add it up correctly? About 5000 American dollars for a full front and rear jamming system??
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    Used Stinger VIP Value?

    Im scared to ever update my stinger now lol
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    2015 F80 ALP Quint Install

    Sorry i'm so late to this, but yes both the front and rear tested out great. I would put them in the same position if I had to do it all over again. I tested with GASPEED and about 6 guns including a dragon. If anything I would probably just add an additional TX head to the rear and leave the...
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    Atlanta Express Lanes Enforcement?

    Has anyone seen any speed enforcement on the express lanes yet? I have only driven on it a handful of times both ways. I can see wider areas where an officer might hangout but have not seen anything. I can just see them putting up speed cameras to help subsidize the massive cost of building that...
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    Stinger VIP 4.4.00

    Looks like I should update lol
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    Stinger USA/Canada Update

    I have not updated it in about 9 months.... I will check if there is a newer version. Maybe I should also just factory reset the thing too since all the updates on updates piled on updates. 1549860520 Looks like there was an update in January.... lol I will update and see how it goes
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    Stinger USA/Canada Update

    To be honest I only drive my gtr maybe 5000 miles a year so I don’t get to test it that often and I really have no big complaints just little things like auto brightness doesn’t work, front and rear detection is always weird responses and my spot list works 70% of the time and the bsm is...
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    Stinger USA/Canada Update

    I have had my stinger for going on 3 years now.... with all the new great stuff coming out I think it’s time to retire it.... I just don’t want to tear my whole car apart to uninstall it
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    Interest in brake light kill for jammer?

    I can think of a couple times I would have felt better with a tail light kill switch......
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    AL Priority - BMW F10 535i - 2 vertical heads & 1 horizontal TX - Dragon Eye punch throughs

    I had my front TX perfectly parallel with the road and it was causing issues with dragon guns so I tilted it up 4 degrees and was perfect jtg.
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    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S owners

    Anyone driven in the cold with them? The month and a half I am in cold sub 30 degrees I know my MPSS were awful.
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    AL Priority - BMW F10 535i - 2 vertical heads & 1 horizontal TX - Dragon Eye punch throughs

    I would angle the TX head up like 3-5 degrees more than parallel with the road and pull it out as far as you can while keeping a sturdy mount.
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    Lidar A new source of Laser

    I wonder what the scan looks like with an ALP interfering with it
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    Other Which one of you fools

    He saw an opportunity and took it.... i like that guy