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    2018 BMW X3 M40i ALP Install

    Thanks, No it is just one TX up front. I would put two if it needed it but that is just my OCD talking. haha
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    2018 BMW X3 M40i ALP Install

    Well this is the third car I have installed this set of jammers on. Cant imagine how much I would have spent on installs over the years ... thankfully I enjoy installing jammers. I will say the firewall is the easiest firewall I have even had to go through. The rear hatch on this car was a pain...
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    Atlanta Express Lanes Enforcement?

    I live north atlanta, so this express lane hasn't been drivable for years i dont think lol I dont remember the exact location but it was between 285 and 575. I was actually on the express lane doing my normal plus 20 and saw lots of red brake lights in front and slowed down to a reasonable...
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    Atlanta Express Lanes Enforcement?

    I wanted to update this thread: I HAVE SEEN GSP checking speed over a crest on the express lane. Beware!
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    Ordered my new BMW yesterday!

    No rs6 love? Hahahah
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    Installing jammers on a POS with 125k miles? lol

    Im very close to installing an ALP 6 head system on a 2000 Ranger with 200k miles lol The ALP system will cost way more than the truck itself hahaha
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    Pros and Cons of Exotic Ownership

    Would my GTR be classified as an exotic?
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    Unboxing the Stinger fiber jammers

    Did I add it up correctly? About 5000 American dollars for a full front and rear jamming system??
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    Used Stinger VIP Value?

    Im scared to ever update my stinger now lol
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    2015 F80 ALP Quint Install

    Sorry i'm so late to this, but yes both the front and rear tested out great. I would put them in the same position if I had to do it all over again. I tested with GASPEED and about 6 guns including a dragon. If anything I would probably just add an additional TX head to the rear and leave the...
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    Atlanta Express Lanes Enforcement?

    Has anyone seen any speed enforcement on the express lanes yet? I have only driven on it a handful of times both ways. I can see wider areas where an officer might hangout but have not seen anything. I can just see them putting up speed cameras to help subsidize the massive cost of building that...
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    Stinger VIP 4.4.00

    Looks like I should update lol
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    Stinger USA/Canada Update

    I have not updated it in about 9 months.... I will check if there is a newer version. Maybe I should also just factory reset the thing too since all the updates on updates piled on updates. 1549860520 Looks like there was an update in January.... lol I will update and see how it goes
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    Stinger USA/Canada Update

    To be honest I only drive my gtr maybe 5000 miles a year so I don’t get to test it that often and I really have no big complaints just little things like auto brightness doesn’t work, front and rear detection is always weird responses and my spot list works 70% of the time and the bsm is...
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    Stinger USA/Canada Update

    I have had my stinger for going on 3 years now.... with all the new great stuff coming out I think it’s time to retire it.... I just don’t want to tear my whole car apart to uninstall it