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    In Progress Request: allow all manufacturers and vendors to post in Radenso section

    all i know, after being involved with these cm forums for darn near 20 years is - its always better when escort is not involved. them and veil guy. regardless of why anybody feels the need to have them around - their products dont work and the drama ensues. ALWAYS!
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    In Progress Request: allow all manufacturers and vendors to post in Radenso section

    seems like deja vu - why is it that it always comes to this when "certain" companies and individuals are allowed to participate. nothing but lies and junk products and we still entertain the idea of having them around.
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    you lost me at hello
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    Summing up the teases...

    i love it. some are missing it completely. others are getting it. and all the while - the folks at radenso are ROFL. im ready to preorder. take my money please.
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    V1 WILL be updated

    im gonna go with "they are selling the company". maybe someone will tease us about it.
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    different direction

    different direction - does that mean instead of re-inventing the wheel we are just gonna buy the wheel and improve it?
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    Nitrogen in Tyres (Tires)

    we ran bead locks so that was a non issue.
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    Nitrogen in Tyres (Tires)

    unless you put your tires under vacuum before replacing with nitrogen you are only diluting it to begin with. i drove an asphalt car for years and tried darn near everything. ultimately we bought a vacuum and built our own air dryers and it worked just as well.
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    Sold/Ended Uniden R1 for $185

    for some reason mine kept bouncing me straight to buydig. it worked when i processed it through google express.
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    Sold/Ended Uniden R1 for $185

    not seeing it. looks like its for buydig and its showing 299.00
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    Turbo Questions

    imho this is true, but as we all know its also an addiction. mods today will be modded tomorrow. next thing you know you are way too deep into a stock ls and looking for something else.
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    Turbo Questions

    im gonna say this and many will disagree but here goes - your platform is not the greatest for your intended plans. do yourself a huge favor - start upgrading your parts before you start really pushing things. like others have stated - another motor on the stand will be a huge plus. that way...
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    Advice to replace my wife's "oldie" RD that just quit....

    uniden dfr7 from buydig with "drive" promo - 129.00.
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    Is the Original Max Worth Keeping

    im still using mine. it works adequately. ive just been waiting for the right upgrade to come along. mine can be quirky every once in a while. trying to lockout bsm's while following them and dropping lockouts every now and then. i turned off autolearn a long time ago and started manually...