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    R7 ka

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    R7 ka

    I don’t smoke but thanks for assuming 1562251251 Thats it thanks for the info
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    R7 ka

    I have a r7 and whenever i goto my smoke shop it sets the ka off i see satelite dishes on the roofs thats all i can think of is this normal?
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    Uniden R7 "out of stock"

    I got mine from Walmart 2 day free shipping for 599$ they are in stock.
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    R7 from R3

    Just got my r7 and had a nice 35.5 local encounter and can say it beats the r3 !! I thought I was gonna bring this thing back hahaha it's a keeper and I don't even think I have the latest firmware installled 121.122.111? Also it's much quieter then the R3 which I like
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    R7 and my Thoughts

    Uniden will fix all issues be patient, they did a good job with the R3 when released.
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    Caption this pic

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    WA drivers to be fined $1200 for laser jammer use Time to say goodbye to that laser jammer Not sure if this is old news, but that sucks.
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    At what price would RDFers start to like the 360c?

    They need to around what Uniden is price to be competitive.
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    Mounting Points

    Wonder if I could make it look nice and flush in the grille wish I knew someone who had some skills. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Mounting Points

    Where should I mount my two front alp heads?
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    Howto properly level / mount WS RD?

    Any tips?
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    Escort Max 360c Introduction at SEMA

    It's like Escort is selling their testing equipment to the public they keep coming out with so many damn models. Just focus on one and make it good. I don't get Escort.
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    Escort Max 360c Introduction at SEMA

    Oh man that was pretty funny hahaha dude got all excited about the magnet mount. Smh Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Escort has burned a bridge - It may take a long time to repair, if ever

    All Escort has to do is lower their prices below Uniden's unit's so they are atleast competitive ;) Then the end user can make their own decision. They are over priced for the performance you get imho.