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    I've been a forum member for a number of years and don't believe I've ever made a formal introduction. So, finally . . . . Hi, Howdy, Hey there.
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    max 360 locking out bsm sources

    It's more than possible that BSM's are being locked out. It happens frequently with my 360. Last week was the first time I had a K-band signal from a LEO silenced because of a lockout area caused by a BSM. I noticed that the detector was receiving a full on locked out K-band signal up ahead. As...
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    Marking locations

    I remember someone marking potholes.
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    Max 360 losing lockouts???

    My 360 behaves the same way in a similar situation. It sometimes does this in lockout areas where multiple signals are locked out. ESCORT has identified the problem and there is supposedly a fix coming by way of detector tools most likely at the beginning of the year or thereabouts. There is a...
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    Max 360???

    A 360 for half the price is an awesome deal. I would ask to see proof of purchase though.
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    A question on highway driving..

    I'm familiar with I-465. Whether you decide on the Redline or Max, stick with running either in Auto.
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    Who is this kid? Do not take his advice.

    V1 pro: It's very sturdy. V1 con: It's not very sturdy.
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    Can I run a Max360 on an escort live direct wire cable?

    So I got time to play around with running Live while both the Max360 and the Live cord were on at the same time. It definitely works without a problem. I did notice a couple things though. It appears that the app will automatically connect to the last connected device. It also gives you the...
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    Can I run a Max360 on an escort live direct wire cable?

    I used to run my Max2 with a non direct wire Escort Live cord and it worked just fine. If I'm not mistaken, my phone would ask which device would I want to connect to and I would choose the detector. I can verify that later as I have a Max360 now and still have a Escort Live cord.
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    Max radar

    They do not use the same bracket (mount).
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    New Firmware for Max 1 and Max 2 released

    After updating my Max2 with the 1.7 update, I noticed that upon startup it displays the word "ESCORT" across the screen in large white letters. I didn't notice this before. Is this something new?
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    360 custom mount

    I remember wanting one of those so bad when I got my ten speed. When I finally got one I couldn't wait until it got dark so people could see my "headlight".
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    Helpful hint for Max 1/2/360 users that already have a Uniden LRD850/950 mount

    You know that's funny. Over the weekend I was trying out the Threatlink app and was about to fetch the Stickycup for the Max2 when on a whim I slid it on the Uniden mount and it fit! I noticed it rattled quite a bit. Maybe the cold weather attributed to some of it. You are correct Ingnorant1, it...
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    Max360 going dark to real alerts?

    AutoPower (power saving) is adjustable (1,2,4 & 8 hours). Screensaver takes affect after 30 minutes of being idle. You can turn AutoPower off (this will disable the screen saver also). This is according to the manual. Could be that the time is a little off? Who knows.
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    Max 360 passes the 33.6XX corridor test!

    That's good news for the Max360. I've always had a sneaking suspicion that if there was a solution/improvement for CAS filtering for the Max/Max2 that the detector would need to be sent in for the fix. I'm really doubting that a do-it-yourself update is coming. I hope I'm wrong because that...