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    Passing A Cop @ 170 mph

    Yeah that's when it just becomes flight mode, not much choice unless you really like supporting local law enforcement's salary.
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    Changes at Uniden

    Man this news is really cutting some deep. I don't feel like this should be alarming and think the concerns for Unidens current and announced products are absolutely unfounded. Steve Jobs died and it didn't make his last products become garbage all of the sudden. The R1 and R3 will continue to...
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    First water cooling

    Well water cooling does actually have a definite performance benefit, but in regards to PETG setups, yeah it's more for flash. Right now I have a 7700K de-lidded at 5.1 running off a H150i just because it was a rush build, originally an H110i but it broke and I didn't want to bother at the time...
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    Radenso Welcomes New Director of Product Development

    This is very exciting news good job and good luck!
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    Is $599 to high for R7?

    While the price is pretty steep it's about fair for the cause. The normal 360 is now $499 and the 360C is $649 but Escort has generally been pretty expensive, even the 9500ix was $499 at launch in 2008. I think the R7 pricing is more in line with Unidens cost to bring their evolving...
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    Bought a Larsen NMO150/450/800 but now bcd436hp "Close Call" is "Far Cry"

    How bad do you think it would look on a Grand Cherokee roof? I really want to do some sort of integrated setup on my Jeep but I don't want to draw too much attention
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    First water cooling

    Glad to see I'm not the only one with expensive hobbies outside of CM's lol. Nice looking rig. I agree on the extraordinary costs associated with clean water cooling loops, I am going to be doing a new build later this year and plan to take my time with it. Got rushed into my last one because my...
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    R1/R3 1.48 Firmware

    It’s been snowing all day, my local has the SUV’s deployed and I think some of them still have K I may go out and see if I can sniff them out any better and see how it behaves to city life as well
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    R1/R3 1.48 Firmware

    Maybe they're from the camp of under-promising and over-delivering. I'll take that all day over elaborate claims with unequal results.
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    Florida Move Over sting

    Thought that for a split second then saw it's Florida. It's like NASCAR down there it would be in poor health to try and hold up the left lane lol
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    Florida Move Over sting

    This is a great thing I can get behind for sure as well. I remember seeing a LOT of signs posted up specifically stating this rule
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    Blinking dot location in dark mode

    Correct they are along the bottom. Not sure if that will change nor the specific reasoning for it. It seems easy enough though to catch a dot blinking at one point or another real fast just to get confirmation you have power to the detector. I don't think there's enough total headroom to be able...
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    Max360 / Max360c - New Firmware updates 1/14/19 - 'Lock Up Issue Fix'

    Had an issue updating where it said it could not be completed however the information in DT tells me I have 1.10 installed, it was 1.7 previously. Going to throw it in the car and see if it’s all good
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    R1/R3 1.48 Firmware

    Just updated and we will see how it goes
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    Blinking dot location in dark mode

    No worries. This is a feature of 1.46 and will stay around in future updates when you’re ready to jump.