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  • Yes I might do this in future, but for now I want to make this version stable and have people reporting the problem.
    Did you try the new release ?
    Yes, 1 of each. They won't say when the android update will be released, so I'll use an iPad untill they update android.
    Thanks for the info.,
    I don't know how accurate RDFGS is. I only know for sure in Carroll county x-band is not used. RDFGS reports x-band in Charles, St. Mary's and Wicomico counties. 99% of my driving is in Baltimore city, Baltimore county, Howard county and Carroll county. I leave x-band disabled. When you first get your V1 leave x-band on to see what you get. It will be chatty in the default settings. Then when you figure out what your location offers you can think about customizing the V1's settup. Are you getting the V1 connection product?

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