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    1. Carter840
      Thanks for replying to my earlier post about a RD for my car with cruise control. Basically I am trying to update my current equipment and also protect a new vehicle (sports car).

      Volkswagen Touareg (adaptive cruise control)
      New V1 with filtering to mitigate Kband falses (need to buy)
      Laser Interceptor (I already own it but it's long due for an update)

      Maserati Spyder
      Old V1 (no update) (this would be mounted between the driver and passenger in a compartment even with the seats, rather than a windshield mount)
      AL Priority (need to purchase)

      Another option would getting the AL with the STI-R antenna as an add on, what are your thoughts on that? Is there a major difference in jamming performance on non variable pulse rate guns between the LI and AL? The Touareg is certainly harder to protect.

      Finally is there any group buy or special discount that you know about? I'd hate to pay full price when there is a deal within the community.

      Thanks so much
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