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  • thank you tom, I just spoke with a rep from your store as I just got my approval from the security dept. due to my address not being updated. I am going ahead with the redline purchase andwant to thank you for the help along the way. have a god day. dan
    BTW....What do you have as the best non GPS for the wifeys car w/the performance of say, a RX65?

    Thank you for your reply to my introduction post. My price range is $200 or less. I missed out on buying the refurb RX65 on ebay from escort according to when I checked the site today. Seems like the Bel 300's that you recommended are closer to $300 in price? I was thinking I needed to choose between a refurb RX65 or a Bel 995 to stay under $200 and still get good quality. What are your thoughts?
    I'm looking for a Bel Sti-r plus with a jammer set up. I've had good luck in the past with the ZR4's so I'm not opposed to them. I see that youre a distributor. Can you give me a price on a couple of options. Thanks
    Looking for Redline with and without Live. I have had problems with Live free app on Android but may try again.
    I look forward to hearing from you with pricing.
    Have you tested the new Cobra Vedetta's yet? I see you have them in stock, I just ordered one, took a gamble. I have an old BEL Express 910 :)
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