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  • I been running my ALP quint with Net radar dual on an dedicated android Note 2, but my primary phone is an Apple 6 plus that I also have setup to use for Waze and the few phone calls I get. I can help out if needed
    Hi there. I'm in Alberta, Canada and would like to order a Net Radar + ALP Bluetooth module. How much would it cost for that package? Feel free to message me and lemme know how to order! Thanks :)
    Hello Tom,

    A couple questions:

    What are the dimensions of the Net Radar head? I'm considering purchasing a system with ALP + Net Radar for install in a 2016 Camaro 2SS. Hopefully it will fit through one of the openings in the plastic grill mesh, upper portion.

    I've read from Vortex's website that any radar head install behind a plastic mesh grille will down grade performance. Is that the case with the Net Radar?

    Where is the promo code for the RDF 10% discount?

    Much thanks,

    Hey BRD, did you get my latest pm? I was wondering if i can drive there to turn my alp heads in instead of having it shipped?
    Hi, I order 5 head alp's about 2 year ago, I got 10% off, I need to order hifi and extension cables and AL BT module v2 . I wanted to know if I can get 10% off also I wanted to buy the net radar when is going to be available.
    Hey BRD,

    I am going to order my ALP's next week going for a quad setup. Do you know anyone who installs in the North NJ area? I could travel a little if needed.

    Very interested in getting a set of ALP's for my 2015 Civic Si. Would like to start with 2 heads for the front however I would consider the full 4 for my vehicle depending on the price. Please let me know.
    I know there is no such thing as the perfect RD but here is what i am looking for. I don't want to pair with a phone or any other goodies, I pretty much want to plug it in and go. I understand there will be more to it that that but I don't want much more. Price range up to 500ish. Dash mount, mostly city and some high way. local LEO's love to hide behind their motorcycles with their guns to zap you. i also understand you need a rabbit. Do you care to offer a suggestion or two on what you would suggest. Thanks in advance.
    Im still having issues with the 9500 CI head on the alp not displaying KA frequency numbers. It's happened since last update on the app... I was wondering if you had checked on the droid turbo 2 version Android version 5.1.1. Thank you
    Hi Tom,
    I am very interested for either the Escort Redline or the Radenso Pro SE. Could you please let me know if you have any in stock. I understand you have a discount for members. Any info would be appreciated.
    Thank you!
    i'm just wondering what laser guns are used in ct,ri,mass,nh,vt? please let me know? also should 2007 caddy esclade have 3 front and 3 and back? i'm using quad LI right know. does this still get a lot laser guns. i also have hp-905 in another vechile. 2015 macan. it has 2 front 1 back what i need in this areas. does anyone install in rhode island?
    Hi Tom, I just bought a 5x APL system from you. Any recommended installers in the Phoenix area? C7 Corvette. Thax! Eric
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