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Keeping RDF Secure

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Nov 19, 2018 at 11:39 AM
    1. BlueV1
      Hey there. :-) Wondering if I can get intermediate access yet. I'm pretty interested in some of the threads that allude to more info being in higher levels.
      If there are any questions for me, please let me know!
    2. John Harrington
      John Harrington
      How to change Profile Name?"
    3. SunTzuAOW
      Dude!! Where's the link to the forms for questionnaire? Not showing up on my home page
    4. warnerwh
      Kasher, Thank you for pointing out the application for promotion. I wasn't aware of it.

    5. rut
      The only internet I have available is my phone or I would take the questionnaire
    6. Up All Night
      Up All Night
      Some questions keep getting asked multiple times like how do I setup my XP,SE,950... Why not can the best answers and lock or keep responses at top of respective forum and label it "How to set up your XXXX?
    7. Duke295
      Hope you are having great day Boss Man.
    8. KASHER1979
      personally I have had good luck with mozilla firefox things when I'm having trouble like that.
    9. 87GN
      Good morning! There is something I need help with. I cannot always see the videos in some of the posts. I have a Samsung Note 3 and Samsung Tab S 10.5 tablet that I use to view site. Is one browser better than another for viewing videos? Thanks.
    10. KASHER1979
      I think it would be worth it if for nothing else K band Locks.
    11. SAAB9400
      Hey Kevin! Is it worth my time to get a Live cord for my Magnum? Are there enough users in central KY to gain aditional live data?
    12. Hügel66
      Kevin, I am geez Ing 5 remote units soon. Will send you one. Do you have the ALP installed?
    13. KASHER1979
      Hi Deckard!! I will help anyway that I can. Can you be more specific about the wiring? Do you mean powering the unit or running wires into the vehicle?
    14. Deckard
      Hey. Would you mind sharing how you went about wiring your M3? Thanks.
    15. Marty
      Please remove my account.

      Thank you

    16. Marty
      Please remome my account.

      Thank you,

    17. esa31.8t
    18. goodtimes40
      hello, again thanx. do you know if I upgrade my heads and say the next update. will I be able to use the b/t communicator I bought on say the next updatr, one not so complex, plus like you said, I don't need to check this box and do anything. I wont turn on li app so it doesn't do it automatically. but will I be able to use the b/t module on regular voice/firm updates after skipping 8.18...I never skipped an update before. ty for your help
    19. KASHER1979
      You are welcome... It is going to take some time to get the app working as it is intended to. Like I said they are investing 100% of their time and energy into the harder to jam guns. Once they finally get this ironed out I suspect they will get the app ironed out and taken care of. For now you will need to keep using your computer and cable though. I am happy to help you if you need it.

      Just send me a PM if you want to proceed. Thank you.

    20. goodtimes40
      thanks kasher,
      a couple people just now told me I don't need to do 8.18 update since no da la guns in Florida yet
      that's all I was trying to figure out
      if there is a time in the near future where I need help I will definitely save your name and thank you for offering to help me with an update in the future if necessary if my bluetooth module can't do it I really appreciate it...
      Li looks good on the rest of the guns :-) :-)
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