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    Redline EX 1.15

    According to Escort: Running changes. Features and performance are unaffected. It's official.
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    Redline EX 1.15

    Usb to laptop, via detector tools pro.
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    Redline EX 1.15

    I have. I will update and I will come back.
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    Redline EX 1.15

    IVT on-off? Like "international" EX?
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    Requested features

    Redline EX wishlist - Escort Radar Forum
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    Requested features

    I'm starting this thread of requested features for the next version of the firmware I would like to have both speed and voltage on the screen What do you think?
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    Escort Redline vs Uniden R3- K band range only!

    I could say that R3 keeps alerting too long after the radar source.
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    Dragoneye Long Distant range testing with TMG 9/1/18

    Add radar detector integration (like Escort does) and I will buy two with three heads. Two front and one back...
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    New EX update 1.10 (1.11 now)

    I agree with you, the presence of BSM is very small but there's a lot of CAS. The collision avoidance system, is designed to prevent or reduce the severity of a collision. It uses K band radar and camera. From my experience a radar detector with IVT filter, even in Greece, is very useful feature.
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    All the goodies on the new Max 360 ci are up on FCC site

    What about us that we are overseas?
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    All the goodies on the new Max 360 ci are up on FCC site

    It will shift Traffipatrol XR guns?
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    What's the deal with the Bel Pro 500?
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    Does the ZR4 really work?

    RX65 ZR3 vs ultralyte - YouTube
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    Hello from Nickstath!

    Thank you for asking.Prety much hard. One World One Revolution - YouTube!