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    Uniden R7 vs. R3, Max360c, Pro M, etc. on 33.8, 34.7, & 35.5, 3/31/19

    Wow, that testing took a lot of time. Thanks again for taking the time to do this. I look forward to seeing your remote testing too.
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    Radar RCM off-axis detection

    Nice. Yep RCM has a good nose for sniffing
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    Newer lidar? What do Texas DPS troopers use?

    Could possibly be airplane above doing the speed checking via VASCAR and ground units waiting to intercept. Neither radar or laser detection will help you in that situation.
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    On the fence.

    Go remote and get a RCM
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    Move from Pro-M to RC-M and ALP later?

    As much as I love my RCM and would like to tell you get one. Your just that farther from getting your laser protection if you spend money on the RCM first. Get ALPs and keep using your ProM until you can then get the RCM
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    34.7 off axis testing - Uniden R7

    Thanks for doing the testing @Dukes . Did you happen to run any runs against your RC-M for comparisons that you didn’t record on here? Just curious. Thanks
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    2x4 vs Suburban Grill and ALP's

    Yea they tried to avoid hitting it and instead went right over it 1552096348 It’s amazing how muc road debris I see. Cops are never there to pull those people over for not securing their crap but always there waiting to write me a ticket for speeding
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    2x4 vs Suburban Grill and ALP's

    Good point. Didn’t even think about that
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    2x4 vs Suburban Grill and ALP's

    Yea I had a Camero SS last week for a rental vehicle on business. It surely would of been through the windshield!!! Sadly this was my personal vehicle and not a rented Suburban but yes could of been much worse 1551980143 I’m hoping the TX survived. We will see
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    2x4 vs Suburban Grill and ALP's

    Was driving east on 840 just south of Nashville, TN yesterday evening and a vehicle in front of me tried to miss a 2x4 in the road and instead hit it and sent it catapulting into the front of my Suburban. As you can see in the short video from my dash cam. Knocked the lower grill out and...
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    Man jailed (in England) for using laser jammers.

    Figured as much. Thanks
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    Man jailed (in England) for using laser jammers.

    Didn’t see this posted previously. If so, I apologize. Looks like the ALPs did their job. Hopefully this story making Fox News doesn’t start conversations for new laws or harsher punishment here in the states.
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    Radar/Laser -Thoughts?

    Go Radenso RC-M, you won’t be disappointed!
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    Buy RC-M Now or Wait?

    Don't wait, its a great detector. Its never let me down and impresses me more and more every day. They have updated it since it was released with firmware updates and im sure those will continue for a long time. And its quiet compared to my R3.