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    Radenso RC M Review

    Nice job @Vortex Exactly how I would rate/review the RCM. Still ticket free with mine and love it
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    What's it like running a RD company? Interview w/ Jon

    Great job guys! The best interviewed you’ve done Vortex. Really happy with my RCM but excited to see what’s next.
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    Livestreaming with Radenso

    Completely agree with you. Really nice to see how open these guys are. Nice job @Vortex @Jon at Radenso @Randy at Radenso
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    Laser Jammer Shootout: ALP vs. Escort ShifterMax vs. Stinger Fiber vs. TMG vs. K40 Defuser Optix vs. Adaptiv TPX

    Vortex you are a testing machine!!!! Thank you for time and energy spent on this....including the detailed report.
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    Custom Installed RD Testing: Escort Max Ci 360, K40 RL360di, Radenso RC M, Net Radar DSP, Stinger VIP, & Whistler Pro-3700

    Nice job guys! A lot of time and energy and we THANK YOU! I don’t own a NRDSP but it seems to do great and something I’ll consider if they ever get a dedicated display for it. Although I do really like my RCM and it performs similar to your testing.
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    Other Wreck caught on my dash cam tonight

    Should of pulled over to offer up your dash cam vid as evidence
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    Confidence in RC-M?

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. It is a great detector and i think your requests for improvements would probably be echoed by all that own the RCM but doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a great detector . Although I do like the ramp up. I find it more accurate than my R3 in giving me...
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    Uniden vs. Radenso Test Session

    On par for what I’ve seen out of my R3 and RCM. I don’t run them together anymore but in testing I’ve done sometimes one wins and sometimes the other. They go toe to least against 34.7. I do think the R3 is more sensative against 33.8 in my experiences.
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    Radenso RC M mounting brackets

    I always wondered what the first one was used for too. I just used the second one
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    New Whistler Detector with DVR (FCC ID HSXWH44)

    Saw this detector on a Whistler post on Facebook a week or so ago. When I went back to post the link here it disappeared.
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    Uniden R7 vs. R3, Max360c, Pro M, etc. on 33.8, 34.7, & 35.5, 3/31/19

    Wow, that testing took a lot of time. Thanks again for taking the time to do this. I look forward to seeing your remote testing too.
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    Radar RCM off-axis detection

    Nice. Yep RCM has a good nose for sniffing
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    Newer lidar? What do Texas DPS troopers use?

    Could possibly be airplane above doing the speed checking via VASCAR and ground units waiting to intercept. Neither radar or laser detection will help you in that situation.
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    On the fence.

    Go remote and get a RCM

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