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    2019 Audi Q5: ALP + R7

    I'm liking the mute buttons! Thanks for sharing your install.
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    V1 G.2 Died on Me :/

    Mine is doing fine. Received March 8th.
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    Who is returning / Who is waiting for firmware update?

    Lol... the original video is from old school spanish TV I grew up with, cracked me up!
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    Redline 360c's poor ramp-up and arrow flipping

    That ramp-up is bizarre... I knew it was bad from initial comments in the forum, but now that I've seen it in the video is worse than I thought.
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    “Get REDy” Escort teaser

    Looking forward for testing results. I was a bit surprised by the price tag, higher than I would expect. But since I know nothing about this detector time will tell if it's worth it.
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    Are you buying Theia when it is available? (Poll)

    I will get one as soon as it's available... I should wait and see what early adopters say, but won't be able to hold myself probably :p
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    Is your V1G2 still OK?

    Where I live I don't see K band, but I took a long trip for work a couple weeks ago and I had an encounter with K band that had me wondering what was going on. I was driving north-east, from the south side of Oklahoma state (Sulphur area) towards Kansas City using state roads east of Oklahoma...
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    2.2.0 released

    Thank you! Just got back from a work trip after working from home for a while, 2k miles of V1G2 using JBV1, love it.
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    Custom Remote Display Idea

    Sorry if I missed it. You developed the display with the BT-LE version. I gather it would only work with a BT-LE dongle? It will not work with the old dongle at all?
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    A Fan's Overview of JBV1's Settings

    Nice work! Thank you.
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    V1 Internal Revision Pictures

    Not that I know what I'm talking about... but putting together all the clues that I've come across, seems like a FW problem could very well be the reason for the power issue. Maybe that is why the fix turnaround time has been so quick without VR being fully open.
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    How many heads needed? 2015 RS5

    Not sure if I would consider this "confirmed", but Minnesota and specifically Edina might have some lizards. There is an elevated thread talking about it. I would go for 2RX/1TX for the front, and at least 1RX/1TX for the rear and not worry about it.
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    Using JBV1 and Concealed Display

    As stated, the problem probably is that your Concealed Display is non-ESP. My ESP Concealed Display works fine with my V1G2 while I use JBV1.
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    V1G2 issues- Does not power on.

    At this point I'm considering this. I hate being too much of an "alarmist" but since I'm not driving much and I'm a couple days from the 30 day return policy I am thinking about it. Either returning now (or at least contact Valentine Research to get a date on record for a return) or wait and...