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    PY004's Laser Jammer Firmware Validation Threads

    @PY004 , Gotic travels a lot responso to texto . Lets hope all is right with him , good heart dont fail !
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    PY004's Laser Jammer Firmware Validation Threads

    Me too looking for news , talked to him in october ...i will contact him ...perhaps he is in hibernation in north pole ?
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    PY004's Laser Jammer Firmware Validation Threads

    Alp seems the gold standard ...years pass , still king of the hill. Thanks for the hard work @PY004 !
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    ALP Firmware is stating to roll out 5.5.8/8.7

    Easy peasy update usual , thanks .
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    ALP: To key or not to key? (And privacy vs. Anti-theft mode)

    Ni fumble my friend , the green usb is already/all the time inserted , i just push a mini-switch that powers the usb key ...faster than changing profile .
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    ALP: To key or not to key? (And privacy vs. Anti-theft mode)

    There are many ways to protect yourself without reverting to the key. First you can use a remote rf switch which controls power to all your cm gear. Second , prepare a usb with parking only , in necessity : shut off the system , insert the usb and restart . 3rd , make sure you use a circuit...
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    New to the forum

    Welcome to this forum , you will find knowledge & friends . After my first laser ticket ....i knew i needed to protect more than Bacon : your permit , your integrity : on their book you are tagged as good or bad driver till you die ! 1570043297 Saving : any system you will get : do the...
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    Do You Hide Your CM's from Potential Thieves?

    Here the fine : $700cad + loose your toy , the positive side : no lost points ! Crazycrazy.
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    Double sided tape.

    For those concerned about removal : approximately use only the surface needed , like a dashcam support i place only few dots 1/4 x 1/4 ...less bad words later ! @tempnexus , i like your ultra-wide spectre of interests .
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    Highway detectors intercepting Bluetooth signals

    Time to re-think the word privacy , glad Rdf users are sharing their findings. Georges Orwell was just forecasting the tip of the iceberg.
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    Drones issue Speeding Tickets

    No end to the escalation ...flying cat will meet mouse lasering back :munch:
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    Who is behind ALP? What is the relationship to BRD?

    Tom is the pipeline between Croatia / Usa . Every day i cant stop thinking " what a great technology iam using ...the anti- death ray is operational/ efficient at the push of the button".
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    New car with no 12v sockets, just USB’s

    On a side note : is'nt a shame that manufacturers start to remove the 12 volts socket ? Why consumers dont need this basic feature ? Is this the progression or regression ?
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    Sold/Ended Phantom Radar Jammer

    Anyone knows on which principle it does not work against modern radar , aside the current response "because it's digital "...too easy
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    Speed Enforcement by Aircraft: View From the Plane

    they use Vascar : distance over time = speed by calculation. They also use a camera system that does it all instantly , mainly used in helico. Soon they will id the driver by facial recognition , cm = use a chirurgical mask !