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    Official NYC Speed Camera Location List

    And unfortunately the majority of bicyclists don’t understand the concept of stop lights, signs or flow of traffic. 99.5% completely disregard all rules and are an endangerment to themselves and pedestrians. Forget about those f ucking battery operated rental scooter riders. They will all win...
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    have u heard what God did for us?

    Sounds like a good movie!
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    NYC - Extended Hours / Days for Speed Cameras

    Agree. Too many falses to make it useful. Just about all are on waze.
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    NYC - Extended Hours / Days for Speed Cameras

    NYC be aware: Effective July 11th, speed cameras are working longer hours! NYC's expanded speed camera law allows DOT to issue violations from 6 AM - 10 PM, Monday through Friday, year round. DOT is authorized to operate speed cameras in 750 school speed zones.
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    Gas Grill Recommendation

    Thank you all! Was eyeing the 6 burner Weber Sumit but going to investigate this a bit further.
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    Gas Grill Recommendation

    Gas/charcoal discussion aside, I’d like your recommendation for a nice gas grill. Don’t worry about budget. I’d like at least a four burner unit that looks nice. An outdoor kitchen is not in my cards for a while. We will be moving and don’t currently own one. I expect that this will be my...
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    IOS 13 Beta Good news!

    That’s great news. Any other updates to CarPlay?
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    Strange ALP Issue

    Sadly it’s time to replace the bad sensor. I had similar issues with random errors. Eventually it failed completely.
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    Waze Directions Not Needed

    I don’t think you can do this. I also wish on CarPlay you could select something that shows turn by turn and alerts. On mine you can only see this on phone.
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    Wide cars, ideal head to head width distance

    Post some photos!
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    Confirmed K Band in Westchester/North Salem

    Damn. Maybe need to not move there. Where are you up there?
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    Confirmed K Band in Westchester/North Salem

    @sdrawkcaB here is my install. I'll post video later today or tomorrow. Triple front/rear ALP RX/TX setup. JTG/JFG with @Andrew21 and @PY004 testing my setup with DE. RCM is behind rear bumper and circled below. Great setup! I run each system independently.
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    Confirmed K Band in Westchester/North Salem

    We were looking at a house for sale in North Salem/Westchester this weekend and I received a confirmed moving K band LEO coming in the opposite direction on a two lane road. I assume it was a local town police officer. I have only seen KA in Bedford/Pound Ridge areas. Knowing how each town...
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    TMG Tested prolite3, laser ally, dragon eye

    Out of curiosity, what does the power cycling do between runs to increase performance?

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