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    In Progress Tag's not triggering alerts anymore?

    I don’t get any alerts.
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    RCM: Request for future firmware option

    Agree, without music. When I’m alone and have music on, on the highway, it can be hard to hear.
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    After seeing all the posts about Winter tires, I'm about to bite the bullet and make a purchase. I've found what seems like a good deal, but I can't confirm that these will fit my car. Quote honestly, I don't understand tire measurements so having a hard time determining if they will fit...
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    RCM: Request for future firmware option

    Would LOVE to see a option to choose how many full volume alerts are heard before automute kicks in. Personally I would set it to 1 alert. When the kids are sleeping, 3 alerts feels like an eternity especially when the wife is staring at you as you pass a Mazda.
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    Recommendations Please

    You’ve got the budget. Don’t mess around. Laser: Go for ALP - 2xTX 5xRX for front and rear. You’ll be DE safe. Just get tested. Radar: Go for Radenso RCM install front and rear. If you can wait, see what Radenso releases next year. No timeline indicated. Least falses and awesome range...
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    Other Flashing lights to warn for LEOs

    I grew up in NOVA. In high school or college I was rapidly flashing an oncoming car on a four lane highway at night. As the car passes I saw it was a marked LEO. They didn’t do anything but I completely panicked.
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    RC M GPS lock difficulties

    Did a factory reset. 20 min later when I was reconfiguring the GPS kicked in. Not sure if related or not.
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    RC M GPS lock difficulties

    When you say reboot... do you mean reset defaults? Or is there a different reboot than power cycling the car? @Vortex how long have you noticed? Call me crazy but is it possible it happened during time change?
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    RC M GPS lock difficulties

    You know... I noticed this EXACT issue too. Exactly the same...No idea why. I was going to upgrade firmware and see what it does. Gets time (after about 10 min) but does not get speed. Seems to me this is a new issue but I drive with smart dark so can’t say for sure. I only noticed it when my...
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    The Radenso Escort discussion thread

    I don’t think you have much to worry about. No one is going to buy their AI bullshit. Testing will show who’s on top and it’s pretty obvious who that’ll be.
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    ALP Firmware is stating to roll out 5.5.8/8.7

    All good now. Think the app got screwed up in iOS 13 update. Deleted the app, reinstalled and worked like always after pin was entered.
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    ALP Firmware is stating to roll out 5.5.8/8.7

    I haven't been following - I opened up ALP Connect on my iPhone to upgrade and it no longer sees my Bluetooth. I only really use it when I update firmware, so don't use it normally to know how long this has been going on.
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    This JTG from behind the grill? If so awesome.